Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taxi Cab Confessions

Uh oh...

Apparently this cab driver thought it would be acceptable to pull up Granny hooker and have her give him a hand job in broad daylight right next to a school, a playground, and in plain sight of the citizens enjoying a nice summer afternoon on the 1300 Blk of Ward Street.

911 was called, and Officers responded, and found the john in question being serviced by Granny's loving hands. The subsequent hilarity was captured on film for your enjoyment.

We'll be making calls to the cab company to ask them what their policy is about getting handies on the company clock.


  1. Did he get arrested? where is the video? I can not see what was so wrong here. Its just word of mouth right now! He say she say!

  2. What's wrong? He was witnessed by several residents getting a handjob from a disgusting heroin addict whore in broad daylight.

    He did receive a citation.

  3. Let's just say that the people who walked by the cab, can testify that granny is right-handed. But, I guess that's He Say/She Say. However, when the officer rolled up, the guy was found with his pants down around his knees, no shirt and no shoes.

    By the way, "Frank", say hello to the rest of the douches out on USA Sex Guide.