Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PJW In The Spotlight

Once in a while the media gets something halfway right.

Click here for Fox45 video from last night.

They forgot to make mention of www.usasexguide.info/forums, but other than that not a bad spin. For those USASG types who were sure we were going away, probably a bit disappointing. I think it's pretty clear we're not going anywhere, and that the prevailing culture is experiencing a shift.

Should permanently shut up the assholes who say "geeee why don't they target the drug dealers instead?" We do, and we also target the people who supply the money that ends up in the drug dealers' pockets--attacking both sides of the problem.

Female friends tell me the number of guys accidentally soliciting them has gone down drastically in the last couple days thanks to Danielle lighting a house on fire. Make that three houses.

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