Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quiet...But Not Too Quiet

It's been slow enough around here lately, despite a few regulars coming back to the 'hood from failed efforts at rehab (Kitten, aka Phyllis Amonica) and stays in the clink or rehab combined (Danielle Stevens). They're not working too hard at hooking, but the regulars like Jodie, Jodie lookalike, and a newcomer who goes by Bubbles are still seen doing their thing occasionally.

Last night 7/27/10 another old time good girl, Janet, who'd gotten cleaned up and left the area for a few years but is now back as well was picked up around 9pm by a black male in his 60s driving a late seventies brown Oldsmobile fud-mobile. MD tags LZM 775.

Spend less on the beejays and more on getting a new ride that won't deplete what left of the ozone layer and the polar ice caps, pops. Geeze.

A black Acura TL late model with a white male, MD tags 2EF S29 was cruising around taking laps on the Carey/Ward/Bayard loop for a while and while I suppose maybe he was looking for a house to invest in, it looked awful suspicious. Our eyes met and from my disapproving stare, I think dude got the message as he drove down the Blvd back toward 95 at a felonious rate. Consider this your warning bub--if I see you picking up, I'll ask Sargent K to send a letter home to mom. No need to send one yet Sarge, but he's been warned.

Rounding out the evening was Bubbles getting picked up by a Buick Rendezvous or similar miniSUV on the corner of Carey and the Boulevard. She told me business has been shitty lately (I wonder why, hehe) but just then had a taker, a black male in the Buick, MD tags 915M956 around 920pm. He's definitely getting a Dear John your worst good sir!

After a hiatus induced by a lack of johns dumb enough to scoop crackwhores where I can see them...PJW is back. I guess the good weather brings out the worst in some of us.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Practicing Pervert w/ Indecent Exposure

This guy lives in a nice neighborhood too...