Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brooklyn John Watch

I missed this article when it came out in December. Fortunately, one of our readers emailed me and included the link. It makes me so happy to know that there are others out there who are taking action to protect their neighborhoods.

If you want to use our blog to post information on the johns who lurk in your area, please feel free to contact us. I'm sure there's plenty of overlap, as these guys will spend hours/days roaming various places, hopped up on Viagra, in search of low-cost quickies.

Jackson Bond and Powertools Software the mega douche behind USA Sex Guide. Looks like he was sued back in 2006 by a rival sex guide website.

A Politician, a Pediatrician and a Cop Walk Into A Bar

...the bartender says....."get the fuck outta here"!

.....cuz these guys have carnal knowledge of a certain HIV+ pigtown hooker (former), and the bartender doesn't want that kind of trash in his joint.

Yep, a politician, a pediatrician and a cop have all been with a HIV+ woman (many times). I'm sure she's not the only sick woman these men have been with, but the only one we can confirm.

Two of these guys are definitely out on USASG (right, Larry56?), and the other is known to have gotten serviced while on duty. Can't reveal identities right now, but hold tight, as this is about to get as ugly as a heron-addicted Pigtown junkie.

How many parents have taken their children to see the good 'ol doc right after he's come off the WW Loop? Makes you sick, doesn't it?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baltimonger's Co-worker

Seems like a female reader isn't too impressed by being regaled with tales of mongering by her postal worker co-worker. She left a comment about this guy and wants to provide his identity to us.

She mentioned certain characteristics of this guy, and we cross-referenced it with info we've been able to obtain ourselves. Looks like Baltimonger is the winner of our 'guess who loses his anonymity today' contest. As a winner, you're entitled to a very nice parting gift, similar to the one that AAcountyman is about to receive. It may not arrive today, tomorrow or next week, but as players in the Pigtown mongering game, it will eventually reach you. Thanks for playing!

It would have been so much easier for you if you had taken the path of least resistance and not continued to monger in our neighborhood, or provide Sebastian's personal information (and attack his wife - who had nothing to do with this), on your website.

Btw - to the lady who left the comment last night: you can contact me with his info at

Oh and Muff Scout...please feel free to tell your cop friend where we live and that he's welcome to stop by anytime. He can even knock on the door. We're all real impressed, Champ.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Surrender!

Just like the French. As soon as those hardened warriors fired the first volley, we decided to surrender. I mean, it's not like we didn't put up a good fight - these guys are just too tough though.

They've threatened to --- wait for it ----- wait for it ----- DRIVE DOWN OUR STREET AND HONK THEIR HORNS!!! GOD NO! WHERE'S YOUR HUMANITY?!?!

Oh wait, you pay sick women to suck your puny members in public places. You have no humanity.

Again, please caravan down our street so we can videotape the MONGER SURGE into Pigtown and take down tags.

We may not come to your house tomorrow, or next week, or even next year, but believe me - we will use the info you so easily provide and track you down. Just when you think we've gone away and you're back in business, we're going to caravan down your streets with horns honking. But unlike you, we're going to get out of our cars.

...and Dan in Severna Park, you're at the top of the list.

More From USASG

Any woman is fair game to these pathetic losers. This is another reason why street prostitution is not a victimless crime. I've seen young girls solicited in Pigtown who were just trying to get to the store and back. I've seen mothers solicited while returning from dropping their children off at the elementary school on Washington Blvd.

These are their words:

The great difference between Balti and DC

As LL's pics show it is easy to spot the SW's in DC unlike their mufti counterparts to the North. In DC it is so easy to spot em that it is almost no sport. In Baltimore the hunt is always half the thrill. You never know who is a SW and who is a civilian. Makes it fun to pull up to some chick that you think is possibly working only to find out her hubby on the stoop will be coming after you with a crow bar for dissing his woman.

More Muff Scout

This speaks for itself:

Muff Scout
Senior Member
Reports: 485
Thanks Doc.

Make sure that pregnant streetwalker is as far along as possible. I have this fantasy about banging a pregnant streetwalker so hard, I break her water

Second your comments to True Drew. Dude, change your screen name pronto. Didn't you see my post about how the girls figure out who is who based on facts in our postings. I think LE is at least as intelligent.

For my 100th post, I would like to describe a wonderful session with blonde Kim 9:12 PM, where I give her $60 in US currency in return for which I bang her pussy, then I shove my viking horn in her shit chute, then pull it out for some ATM.

Oops, I shouldn't have said all that.

Safe hunting to all.

Muff Scout

Benchseats Sag

Here's a nice little ditty from one of the guys who wants to go to war with us: Benchseats Rock Sag. It sums up the mindset of the disgusting degenerates who prey on drug-addicted women and communities. He's laughing at the state of decline of another human being. I can't wait for this piece of shit to slip up.

Flame on Bench

Originally Posted by Benchseats Rock
Why don't you remind Pam that she's a who*re who likes the money almost as much as she likes the drugs she pumps into her body with every lying, compulsive, sperm coated breath she takes. And like most of these girls, she doesn't seem to care where the money comes from - especially when she needs it, which if you haven't noticed is all the fucking time. If she has regrets after the fact, well that's her problem - maybe she'll quit being a hooker (HA!!!!!) and then you can quit posting here altogether - not that your posting here actually means anything - and will not have any effect on anybody or anything anyway. Your biggest problem other that you are the poster child for an abortion campaign, is that you want to fight her battles for her, which means you're wrapped up in her day to day excuse for a life - I almost pity you, but she does suck and swallow like a champ, so I can understand where it is you're coming from, I just wouldn't ever want to go there myself.

Benchseats Rock

Remember How They Wanted To Sue Us For Defamation?

And we said "by all means, go ahead, because we're not posting anything that isn't true, and truth is an absolute defense to slander and libel claims?"

Seems like our friends aren't just disgusting human beings over at USASG, they're also hypocrites.

Does anyone remember the SW who used to work by the school about a couple of years ago? She would walk with her hair shielding her face on traffic side, then flip her hair to other side when she turns around? she told me that Sabastian picked her up one time pretending to be under cover officer, then agreed to let her go after little penetration. Two weeks later he was threatening to kill her for giving him Herpes. Can I cash in on this little story in court?

Here's Subzero posting an out and out fabrication that's clearly defamatory as it's A) blatantly not true, B) intended to defame my character by falsely suggesting I committed a series of criminal actions, and C) he knows it's not true at the time he writes it. Hehe! Fun.

Guys, for the last time, you're NOT going to make us go away by needling us and trying to sling mud at us. Why? Because we're the good guys. There's no dirt to dig up. There's nothing we really need to hide, unlike you. We have the SAO, BPD, the CLC, and public opinion on our side, and on your side there's a bunch of sick fucks that get off abusing diseased, disadvantaged women.

And GGW, for the millionth time...we do go after the drug dealers. We've been doing it for years. It's been all over the news for years. Where ya been? And how do you think I got the elusive MD carry permit? It certainly isn't because you douchebags are any sort of threat to me.

Muff Scout And The Art of War

I'm no Sun Tzu, but I have read the book, and when Muff Cub Scout called for a war against us "Assholes" in Pigtown, one would assume he'd MAN-UP and devise a tactical plan that would at least make him (and his clown posse), a legitimate adversary.

No....this reprobate decided he would lay siege on Pigtown by sodomizing a sick and addicted prostitute. A woman whose sickness makes her compromise herself by allowing a piece of shit she normally would never allow to touch her, to abuse her. Why? Because this piece of shit managed to steal $10.00 out of his wife's purse, and the prostitute is desperate to get high.

Here's some text from Muff Cub Scout's USASG post. His plan to attack us? To "pick up a Ho to fuck up the ass". What a warrior.

esterday at 01:15 #3957
Senior Member
Reports: 485

Let me start by saying I wish Mizz the best of luck, God Bless, there but for the grace of God go I.

Agree with BM and Happy 100%.

Spend the money and get yourself a good lawyer.

We need to declare war on these Pigtown assholes.

Maybe we should have a meeting to plan a strategy of attack.

I'm serious.

Am heading down to Pigtown to pick up a Ho to fuck up the ass.

Will report in the AM.

Safe hunting to all.

Muff Scout
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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's War!

When Benchseats Rock Sag and Muff Scout decided it was time to declare war on us, I was reminded of another fine example of righteous outrage and a noble declaration of war.

This is probably about what it looks like when a couple dopey schlubs from the trailer park decide to declare war on us.

I'm trying to decide what's funnier--dude thinking he's going to get us to knock it off by intimidating us, or the thought of a bunch of "mongers" hanging out in Muff Scout's mamma's basement in Arbutus figuring out how to get back at us.

On their side: a bunch of cowards who hide behind anonymous (well...not nearly as anonymous as they wished they were, hehe) screen names and abuse addicted women.

On our side: WVDA (our membership includes two police officers, people who work for the State's Atty's office, and business owners in Pigtown), the Community Law Center, Southern District Ops (the plainclothes guys that are making life difficult for you), the commander of the Southern, the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit, and of course a very receptive, happy to see us in business State's Atty's Office.

Anybody wanna choose up sides? I'm no ace handicapper, but I think I know how this "war" is going to pan out. Like I've been begging you guys to do...BRING IT!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Mizzle Misery

The illiterate ramblings on USASG are nothing if not edifying (about how poorly considered their every action seems to be) when they get on their moral high horse.

Sayeth the Good Doctor Dunk:
Now on to the PJW I feel that to put someone's info out like that is totally out of line.
Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall DrDipshit having the same objection when my personal information was shared with all 13 people who read the Streetwalker Forums over there on a regular basis (not that I object either--if I was worried about people knowing who I am or what I do or what my stance is re: what ails Baltimore, I wouldn't be using my real name or talking to news cameras, reporters, cops, and other community groups). But the hypocrisy seems pretty galling.

In any event, the Good Doctor misses the larger point--I'm not the one doing anything illegal or contributing to the continued downward spiral of an addicted, abused woman. Any claim on the ethical high ground kinda melts away when you get your jollies by taking advantage of a drug addict in a public place.

Dr. Doofus rambles on:
I know what we do is what you may call morally incorrect
Ya don't say.
but what gives them the right to display someone's court info
The same right everyone has--it's public info because the taxpayers are charging you with a crime. They put it there for a reason. Something to think about the next time you're feeling the urge to get a toothless sore infested addict to blow you: any more potential employers are going to Google you. Imagine how much they'll enjoy reading about you here. It's public information because the public has the right to know what their tax dollars are doing in re: law enforcement, and who the criminals amongst us are.
I personally think that the gentlemen that runs the website has some other motive other than protecting the neighborhood I don't know what it could be.
You're right, we push brooms around on Saturday mornings in the rain and cold and heat and take the chance the community activist takes when he or she sticks up for their neighborhood in Baltimore for some other reason...hmmm...yeah I can't imagine what it could be either.

Anyway, the 29th is my birthday. I can't imagine a better present than talking with the SAO and the judge about the "victimless crime" our buddy Mark committed and how it'd be nice if they'd actually give people a reason to quit feeding the problem.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mizzle on USASEXGUIDE, was just busted having sex with a hooker named Shannon, who he picked up around Wilkins Ave. According to Mizzle, two undercover cops watched him pick up Shannon and then followed him to a public location where he was observed getting his $10.00 toothless BJ. Way to go BCPD!

This class act was given a criminal citation to appear in court for perverted practice. We just made a trip over to this guy's neighborhood, and let's just say he isn't a bachelor (or maybe that was his mother). I wonder if this guy's wife/mother knows? Wonder if his neighbors know? Maybe we'll take another trip out and ask them. It's only fair - you drive through our neighborhood - get BJs on our streets. Now, we'll come to you. Everyone will eventually get a visit. One way or another, we'll find out where you live and come to you.

By the way: we're overdue for our Delmar visit.

UPDATE: Here's the post by Mizzle. Wow. Looks like a $10.00 BJ is going to turn into a $2500.00 BJ.

Originally Posted by Mizzle
I'm hoping everyone will read this and give me some good advice, not flame me. Trust me, I know how I screwed up. I was sloppy and didn't pay attention.
Here's what happened. I picked up a very nice SW Thur night down by the circle. We did the standard check and drove to a nice spot. 30 seconds after the fun began, the spotlights came out of everywhere and we were busted.
I just got out of central booking after 18 hours of complete misery. I've been charged with, "committing a certain unnatural and perverted sexual practice" (it was a bbbj)
I have a court date in two weeks and the charge carries a maximum of 10 years and/or $1000 fine.
As for me, my record is basically clean. I got a PBJ for a DUI four years ago, but completed everything satisfactory.
Has anyone been in this situation? Does anyone have a lawyer to recommend? I can only afford about $500 tops for a lawyer, so I'm sure pickings will be slim. Or am I too worried? Should I go with a public defendor and fall on my sword in court and expect probation? Any feedback at all is appreciated. Please PM if you prefer. And again, please don't flame me, I've been doing it to myself for the last 18 hours.

Thanks for listening

UPDATE: I've decided to remove Mizzle's personal info, as it's not our intent to make this one guy pay for the transgressions of all Pigtown Mongers. We've heard from him, and believe him when he says he will no longer be getting public blowjobs on our streets.

We know where he lives, what he drives and what he looks like - if we see him on our streets again, the info will go back up.