Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baltimonger's Co-worker

Seems like a female reader isn't too impressed by being regaled with tales of mongering by her postal worker co-worker. She left a comment about this guy and wants to provide his identity to us.

She mentioned certain characteristics of this guy, and we cross-referenced it with info we've been able to obtain ourselves. Looks like Baltimonger is the winner of our 'guess who loses his anonymity today' contest. As a winner, you're entitled to a very nice parting gift, similar to the one that AAcountyman is about to receive. It may not arrive today, tomorrow or next week, but as players in the Pigtown mongering game, it will eventually reach you. Thanks for playing!

It would have been so much easier for you if you had taken the path of least resistance and not continued to monger in our neighborhood, or provide Sebastian's personal information (and attack his wife - who had nothing to do with this), on your website.

Btw - to the lady who left the comment last night: you can contact me with his info at

Oh and Muff Scout...please feel free to tell your cop friend where we live and that he's welcome to stop by anytime. He can even knock on the door. We're all real impressed, Champ.


  1. Wow! Apparently one of the 11 people I work with have magically decided to read your blog. As if any of them with their screwed up lives would even care anyhow. NOT!

    I told you before in private messages I no longer pick up hookers in your neighborhood, or for the city of Baltimore for that matter. I have been retired from that for more than 2 years. Keep digging.

  2. I wonder if USA will get shut down since there is child pornography on it?

  3. It might...I know we have a screen shot of the incident in question. They'll find out just how non-anonymous the Internet is if that proves to be what it looks like.

  4. Exactly. Like a extremely young female is going to show her real identification to a stranger. Especially one that can be found on a website for missing children. Can't wait for "Karma" to bite someone in the azz.

    Feel free to post the post now. Authorities have seen the post with their own eyes and are doing the appropriate leg work to have someone charged with child pornography.

  5. Seems like Baltimonger is in denial. He stopped posting at USASG. In addition to his co-worker, a now retired prostitute named Angela (now HIV+) revealed his identity. Two more confirmed identities for Benchseat and DownUnder. PS: are you still on antidepressants? that is how I got your name, clue, clue.

  6. Here's a couple for you guys:

    Larry 56 is Ed Rothstein. The same Ed Rothstein who ran for Lieutenant governor.

    The Gentleman is Dr Mark Friberg. He is a pediatric doctor at Childrens in DC, and picks up hookers not for sex, but all the cocaine and heroin he pumps in his veins.

    also on the winner's list is officer Michael Guizzotti who, prior to being put on desk work, spent every night shift getting his knob polished by the local junkies in exchange for drugs he ripped off the dealers.

  7. Just so you know, if you have a screen shot of child pornography then you are in posession of child pornography.

  8. Just so you know, the person who noted the child pornography out on USASG is working WITH law enforcement and not one of PJW. Thanks for the law advice, professor.

  9. This idiot who operates the site, calls himself Jackson, is setting himself up for big trouble. Someone is gonna take off the glove on this, and Jackson's own identity will become the subject of discussion.

  10. These guys fail to understand that the folks at PJW are not the only ones monitoring the USASG board. And for some reason(s)...stupidity, hubris, stubbornness - whatever, fail to realize how conspicuous they are while driving through the neighborhood. They are being watched and not just by us. We’re working with a woman, who lives off of Ramsay St, and she (and other women) is calling 911 every time one of them is solicited by a John. As of Thursday night, she said they had made 10 calls with vehicle IDs, driver descriptions, date/time and of course, tag numbers.

    Sebastian is going to post a conversation he had with Sgt. K, regarding a John letter that was intercepted by a wife. The guy actually called up Sgt K to complain that, although he was guilty, coming after him "wasn't fair". All these tough guys turn into pus*ies as soon as they lose their anonymity.

    Perceived anonymity gives these Johns a sense of empowerment, but it also causes them to become lazy and complacent. Most of these guys are about to be revealed because they got sloppy. Rather than heeding the advice we offered last year, to stay away, these guys decided to stick around and “teach us a lesson”.

    Ok – hope it was worth it.