Thursday, December 17, 2009

Any Given Sunday

On game day, normal men hang out in man caves or sports bars to drink beer and watch football. Losers who "monger", however, pop a viagra and do loop-after-loop on the Washington/Wilkins, looking for cut-rate BJs from toothless, diseased and drug-addicted prostitutes.

This loser, dropped off a prostitute on the corner of Ward and Bayard at 11:51am on Sunday the 13th.

Gold Buick Park Avenue (because he's a sophiscated and upscale), Maryland tag: MRJ 766

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Prostitution Coverage

Investigative Voice article on the recent prostitution panel discussion in Baltimore.

Maryland Tag: 2OX 675

December 8th - guy in grayish extended cab pickup, circled the block several times before picking up Danielle on the corner of S Carey and Ward @ 11:57pm.

Interestingly, he just happened to drive by my neighbor, the police officer - just off from work, who noted the truck and its occupants.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hint: You're Not Really All That Bright

The USASG pukes never cease to amuse. Guys, if I had anything to hide, I never would have used my name in conjunction with this site. Posting my address(es) and making disparaging comments about me from the rather cowardly place that is hiding behind a keyboard is supposed to make me leave you alone? It'd be fun to laugh at the stupidity if it weren't so flippin sad to see people with all the advantages Western Civilization has to offer still manage to be that idiotic.


If anything, it makes me feel even less sorry about pissing in your punchbowl.

One of the perks of being one of the good guys--not having to worry about anything you guys might have to say. As though the opinions of cowards who hide behind anonymous screen names and who abuse drug addicted diseased street whores in Baltimore would have any bearing on any of us. And if you think we're at all concerned about using tools available to us to track you down, by all means bring it. I'd love to see you explain that one to the judge. Probably would be as much the riot that your defamation suit would be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Awesome Site - NSFW!

Want to know what USA Sex Guide is all about? Check out this site. It perfectly sums up the losers who can't get women to blow them without paying for it. These are the guys who drive around looking for $20.00 blow jobs, from catatonic, heroin-addicted women, because the "classy" women who work on Craigslist are beyond their budgets.

This is just one of the gems out on the site:

"While there, the people within the USASexGuide not only discuss massage parlors, AIDS, and yeast infections, they also argue the morality of prostitution like a pack of self hating Craigslist refugees who cannot seem to kick their habit of liking to stick their dicks into disease-ridden crack addicted hookers."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chesapeake Tag: 77730 C over C

White Ford F-150 w/ White Bed Cover, picked up a known prostitute on the corner of Washington Blvd and Bayard.

December 5th at 7:58am

This Is Too Precious

This guy attempts to explain the gentlemanly pursuit of female companionship from a monger's point of view. His words are precious, but completely belie the reality of what these scumbags are all about. They think it's ok to hunt for drug-addicted, strung-out, HIV and HEP B/C positive women in an area that's "ground zero" for prostitution. He wants us to move out so they can continue to hunt with impunity.

This area may not be Roland Park, but it is not some fictional uninhabited Hamsterdam, where anything goes. There are a lot of good people in this area who were born here. They either don’t want to (or can’t) leave, and don’t deserve to be victimized by scumbag, old white men looping through their neighborhood with hard-ons, looking to buy cheap blowjobs because no one else will touch them.

My neighbor goes to work at 4:30am and works 10 hour shifts as a garbage collector. His wife spends 3 hours on a bus every day – this in addition to the 8 hours she spends working as a medical assistant. They have very little money, but are trying to make their home a little haven in the middle of a very ugly place. They do not deserve to come home to a prostitute taking a shit (or servicing a john) in their backyard. They also don’t deserve to be awakened in the middle of the night by prostitutes fighting over drugs, money, etc, or a prostitute lying across their stoop, with her pants down, screaming "Help Me!" while digging at her VD infested crotch.

This scumbag states that mongers come in all shapes and sizes. This is true to a point, but the majority of mongers in this area are older, white men who think, because this is an economically depressed area (and predominately black), it's ok to take a shit here.

Understand this: We are not going away. We have cameras. We now have a very quick way to find out where you live. We will come to your house - we will visit your ostensibly, upscale neighborhood and interview your neighbors. We'll go house-to-house with pictures.

This is not a threat. It will happen. It only takes a few seconds to write down a tag. Once we have that - you're fucked.

Here's part of the scumbag's post from USASEXGUIDE:

"On the other hand I think you are approaching this topic from a point of view that is too simple. Remember we mongers come in all shapes and sizes, all races and income levels. We could be anyone from Hugh Grant to Jeffrey Dahmer. We have diverse reasons why we practice our hobby. Some are married some are not. Many of us know each other.

The idea that you are going to move into the highest density prostitution zip code in the state of Maryland and push out a culture that has be active for over 60 years is not only naive it is also selfish. This behavior has been with us since the beginning of time. Around the world our hobby is becoming decriminalized.

Also, about the girls. Most of us do not wish them harm. Some of them (probably most of them) have serious dysfunctional habits. But I have also been with some who are very normal, sometimes exceptional from an intellect perspective. I know for a fact that I have paid for sex which has translated into money used on baby formula and rent. Especially as our economic condition hardens more of this will become common place.

This is not a personal attack, but at some point you will realize it makes more sense for you to move to a "non prostitution" zip code (perhaps somewhere like Roland Park) and leave our hunting ground alone. Remember, we were here before you, we will certainly be here after you have long gone."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bring It!

Lots of tough sounding talk about fighting back by mongering even more over on USASG. Hilarious! Bring it on boys, there are a couple new tricks up our sleeves I think you'll find entertaining. We're looking forward to stopping by your trailer park with cameras and media in tow; our buddy Stephen Janis would love to take pictures of your house, get your wives' opinions, post them on Investigative Voice, and talk about your activities on the Ed Norris Show. Last I talked to him before Turkey Day, he was salivating at the opportunity. This just gets better.

Oddly enough, when they're not posting anonymously and are actually in the real world instead of hiding behind the keyboard, they don't seem nearly as eager to say much of anything. Nobody drives faster in Pigtown than a would be monger who spots a video camera or private citizen writing down tag numbers. Lots of bravado, not much action boys. If you wanna come walk the walk instead of talking the illiterate talk that seems to flood USASG like open sores on a Ramsay Street hooker...come on down. We'll have the cameras rolling.

This ought to be good. :) If you think talking about my personal life is entertaining, I can't wait til we start talking about yours.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Scumbag Speaks

We're going to keep posting these statements from USASEXGUIDE, to give our readers an idea of just how desperate and degenerate (and illiterate), these scumbags are:

"DROF report

I agree with the thing he had to say and them with sores. I wonder if it is time for us as a collective to take a brake from SW for at least a few months. I have been here four months and when I first got here the selection was great but over the last month or so its been nasty choices and those choices seem to have something wrong with them. Less hot girls and more stds is a bad combo. I myself and on brake because of that for at least 2 month if not for good."

Boy, That's A Tight Fit

I dunno who Fitztight is, but I'm guessing he's a monger trying to warn his compatriots that using your Aunt Mary's station wagon or a rental Dodge doesn't make you as anonymous as you think you are when you prowl around for diseased, downtrodden, addicted women to blow your old wrinkly dingus.

In any event, our long time friend Benchseats Rock seems to have lost the plot. To answer his question, Baltimore's a great city to live in and would be a lot better if idiots like him would quit feeding the problem. As though a guy who openly admits in a public forum that his sex life involves debasing and taking advantage of opiate addicts is in a position to pass judgment on anyone's living arrangements. Must be lonely in his corner of the trailer park these days...

Dear friend: even if you manage to score a sore-laden, toothless heroin addict for that $20 blowjob, you still have to live with the fact that you need to do that sort of thing to get any action. Is that really winning? Heh.

Even though the hooker action has been kinda slow, I'm thinking a fun activity might be picking up a few of the local ladies in a van, picking a lucky winner from the pool of frequent looping mongers, and dropping them off at said monger's doorstep for him and the missus to play house with.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Map To The Pigtown Stars

Below is what the mongers call the WW Loop. If you drive this route, you'll see the same white guys doing lap-after-lap in their pickup trucks, vans and Dodge Calibers (rental). Occasionally, you'll see the guy with the "My kid is an honor...blah blah" on his Honda Element, the Prius with the Ivy League college stickers, and my favorite: the guys sporting the Emerald Society and FOP license plates. I urge our readers to get out on the loop with some friends and check it out. Saturdays are good, rush-hour is always busy, as is any time between 8pm and midnight.

Seriously, let these guys know you're out there. Honk and wave if you want. They really like it when you fall in behind them and follow them. It's more fun than a $10.00 BJ from a toothless, drug-addicted and diseased hooker.

If You Had Any Doubts

...about the kind of scumbags who pay diseased and drug-addicted women to blow them, then read this gem from one of the scumbags from USASEXGUIDE.

"I picked up Mary around 9:00 pm last night. It was my first time and it was my last time. She had a nice personality, so I decided to take her to the notel. With her big boobs,she looks hot in her clothes.

First she started with " I usually get $100 to go to a motel". I countered with half that because I was thinking about what I was going to do with those huge tits. Once her clothes came off, the smile quickly left my face. She does have a gut,and some sores from the H use. Anyway, I covered up and started to put it in. In about twenty seconds she starts complaining that she had a sharp pain in her vagina. She stated that she had cervical CA before and wanted to stop. I half heartedly believed her so we stop. We get dressed and head back to Wilkens. I did not say a word to her the whole trip back.

I am not sure if Mary was telling the truth about the cervical CA condition or not. It may have been just a ploy to get quick money and get back to the drugs. I would not recommend her.

Propilot-Always check your six.

Maryland Tag: 05W 974

Red pickup truck with extended cab picked up a woman working the 1300 block of Washington Blvd at 5:18pm, December 1st.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Heather Update

Looks like Heather, who has been living with Uncle Buck at 1219 Bayard St, was just busted yet again for CDS.

Defendant Information
Defendant Name:LAW, HEATHER M
Address:1910 PARKSLEY ST
City:BALTIMOREState:MDZip Code:21230 - 0000

Court Scheduling Information
Trial Date:01/07/2010Trial Time:08:30 AMRoom:5
Trial Type:
Trial Location:5800 WABASH AVE BALTIMORE 21215-3330
Charge and Disposition Information
(Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)
Charge No:001Description:CDS:POSSESS-NOT MARIHUANA
Statute:CR.5.601.(a)(1)Description:CDS:POSSESS-NOT MARIHUANA
Amended Date:CJIS Code:4 3550MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
Incident Date From: 11/13/2009To: 11/13/2009Victim Age:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time For Another Sting

This white male looped around my block twice before pulling over to wait for Danielle to come around the corner from S Carey. Interestingly, he didn't feel like waiting any longer once he saw my camera.

Danielle, by the way, is just out of jail and sporting a closed, black eye. But, I guess when you're a guy who's looking for a $20.00 blowjob, black eyes aren't really deal breakers.

Maryland Chesapeake tag: 81050 C over Y

Saturday (11/28) at 12:52pm

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Been Delightfully Slow

Didn't see much in the way of hooker selection for our john buddies this week. Today's been dead. Cold weather + shitty economy + guys not wanting to get Dear John letters home = bad week for Pigtown Hookerdoom.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Always Nice To Get Props

Once in a while the traffic monitor lets me know when we've gotten a link from another blogger. Even folks on the Eastern Shore seem to appreciate having us around, leading by example. Good stuff. While I'd object to the characterization of people who've bought houses in Pigtown in the last few years (it's actually safer here than it is in Fed Hill or Canton, and I've got the crime stats courtesy of Maj. Bloodsworth to prove it), we're not ashamed to say we've got a few rough edges around here.

Rather than do the traditional Bawlmer thing and pretend they're not there, we're working hard at rounding them off. Coming to a john watch sting near you.

You Be The Judge!

The USA Sex Guide description of Heather is found here. Sounds enticing, doesn't she? Like a real peach.

The reality is found here: when reporter Janis took that picture, she insisted he use one with her mouth closed because she's self conscious about only having one tooth left, and to shoot from the right hand side so you can't see the tracked up needle bruises on her jugular. I love how "Love to Monger" refers to her as clean. Yeah, she's clean alright...about as clean as the bottom end of the Baltimore Sewer. And smells about the same after a 4 day dope binge.

, which is better, the USASG version of Heather or the Investigative Voice one? We report, you decide!

All kidding aside, the reality is that Heather is unfortunate. She's a victim of her own disease, and if you get your jollies by taking advantage of her, you're a sick fuck.

UPDATE: It may interest you to know that the house where Heather stays (an older gent who goes by Buck, aka Howard Brown) caught fire today. Another Pigtown house fire set by a hooker, presumably Heather, seeing as she's the only hooker living there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


MD tags 72R 350, White Chevy Avalanche

Picked up Granny Hooker (either Alabama or the one who kinda looks like her) on the corner of James and Carey around 11pm.

The USASG pukes are pretty open about their disappointment re: the slowdown in hooker availability. Between the sting operations, the crappy weather, and some pretty persistent (thanks Sargent K!) efforts by SD Patrol and SD Ops, it's been slow for PJW action lately.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MD Tags LAL 045

8pm on 11/9/09, picked up Scrunchy Face Melanie on the Blvd and Bayard. Black Male in his 30s, late model import sedan, brown or maroon in color.


Apparently we're not the only ones out there watching the hookers and mongers. We're glad to see we're encouraging others. We haven't run a sting in the last few days (the last few have been pretty uneventful, there aren't many other hookers around as business has been slow for them, and the johns are largely avoiding the area, we're only giving out a couple fliers a night if any...its amazing how quiet our streets are sans johns...they were literally half the automotive traffic on Pigtown streets at night before our stings started), but apparently somebody else was.

Mystery camera man/woman, would love to hear from you. As promised on the Jonny Holmes show the other night, PJW is happy to help our neighbors duplicate our efforts.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Britney again

This guy is hilarious: he sounds surprised that a formerly healthy young girl who was hooked on crack by her crackhead father and forced into prostitution by a man deranged enough to leverage his teenage daughter into streethooking isn't all that enthusiastic about giving him a $20 blowjob.

Wonder if that was you the other day on Bayard Street in the red F250 with the tinted windows, Alphonse. You might be getting a letter for your wife's enjoyment courtesy of the BPD. Love to be a party to THAT dinner conversation.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Brit Sighting: MD Tags 693 258

This fellow had the misfortune of dropping off Britney/Brittany (sp?) in front of the Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School right as I rounded the corner. Just missed getting a shot of her getting out of the car, but I did get a nice one of him stuck at the light. Lots of tint, but when he circled past me in the other direction while he looped for his next "date", I saw that he was a white male in his late 40s early 50s with salt and pepper hair, and facial hair.

In other words, almost old enough to be the girl's grandfather. Nice scoop, Woody Allen. Nothing like getting your jollies from a girl being pressed into prostitution by her drug addict father (who apparently is selling drugs out of 1246 Sargent, not just using them). Sarge K, maybe you might include mention of that in the Dear John letter you send home--our friend from the 'burbs isn't participating in a "victimless crime" here.

October 30th, around 1500hrs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pennsylvania Tag: HGH 8780

White guy (baseball hat and goatee), picked up Fat Donna on the corner of S Carey and Washington Blvd.

October 30th 9:03am.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maryland Tag: 91D 736

White guy(late 40's - 50's), in a dark blue pickup, with silver toolbox, picked up 18 year old Brittany on the 1300 block of Bayard on Saturday night (10/24), at 7:44pm.

Nothing like getting a BJ from a drug-addicted, horribly abused child who's been pimped out by her father. I wonder if the guy who picked her up has daughters? If so, I wonder if he would appreciate a guy like him picking up one of his daughters and having her blow him for $20.00?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

USA Sex Guide

Always good for a laugh.

I love the guy who's taking advantage of sick, desperate, addicted women accusing us of using "dirty tactics". Not sure what's dirty about filming on a public street and handing out fliers...or what reasonable expectation of privacy a guy picking up a street prostitute drug addict in a residential neighborhood has for unfettered access to his sick hobby. But that's good for a laugh.

By the way, that was you in that DC tagged black Dodge Caliber last night, wasn't it? Nothing says "I rented a car so my wife thinks I'm on a business trip and won't get a dear john letter from the BPD...even though BPD can and does just ask the rental car company for the identifying information on the renter so I'm just wasting the $50 a day I spend on the rental instead of just finding a full service escort on Craigslist like a grownup would do" like renting a Dodge Caliber from the local rent-a-klunker.

I'm sure as they fight to stave off financial meltdown and eventual liquidation the executives at the Chrysler organization are glad to know their mini-SUVs are the monger rental of choice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Since well before she was 18, Brittany's father has been pimping her out for crack money. Yup, that's right--Pigtown's father of the year uses his daughter as a street hooker to pay for his own crack habit, and got her hooked so she'd develop the "habit" and be pliant enough to obey his "hey go suck guys off in their cars on Carey Street so we can have some crack honey" demands.

Why is it that stray bullets always hit little girls playing and drunk drivers hit moms on the way home from soccer practice instead of THAT GUY?

MD 8DL V34 -- Dark Grey Scion 5door car.
White Male. 20-30s
Picked up Brittney in front of 1101 S Carey at 12:01am Wed 10/21.

Dear John

Picking up the 45 year old hooker who looks she's 75 and has four teeth isn't good for you. Or her.

MD Tags: 7AR Z95 Toyota Corolla -- Tan/Lite Brown
Old white dude with white hair and glasses.
Picked up Alabama in front of 1104 S Carey around 11:30pm Tues 10/20.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PJW Sting Effort Continues

Last night was great, as we had BPD Patrol with us observing toward the end; they took note of a few repeat offenders who were dumb enough to drive by while we were standing there with them after they cleared a couple corners. We pointed out some regular monger vehicles; expect to feel some extra heat if you're one of those guys who kept looping despite having gotten a flier from our uh...model.

The Indian fellow in the mini SUV with tags that start 122 who was playing with himself for our model's benefit: keep it up. We're dying to see you again. Everybody gets one warning--next time your tag appears here. Might include a picture for your wife's benefit.

The Chevy dually with MD tags 17P 395: you must be out of your mind. Scoping hookers while patrol has the entire street lit up? Did you think they were discussing the Orioles' latest disappointing season with us? Congrats, you made the list of vehicles than can expect to be stopped next time through.

MD tags 25416 b/y: same deal. Seriously, knock it off.

The old Chevy tow truck with MD tags 78V 604: the look on your face last night was priceless when I pointed you out to the patrol guys rather vocally. Not getting the hint, eh?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Suzy Still Prowling

We have it on pretty good insider intel that Suzy (aka Susan Meara Ruff, she's been giving the police her sister's name apparently and so far gotten away with it...Sarge, you might wanna jump on patrol about that) is staying in an abandoned warehouse up on Pratt and Calhoun, and is often seen strolling around Ramsay.

Yesterday I guess she needed some spending cash, because she hopped in a shiny new looking white Corvette ragtop, MD tags 6BX N30, which sped off when the driver realized PJW was approaching.

Dude, I was just trying to hand you our flier! You know, the one warning you that your tag number will appear here. Oh well, you didn't get the warning. Now you know.

Suzy keeps dodging arrest for her myriad outstanding warrants. We should all be so lucky to get that many second chances.

Surprised It Took As Long As It Did

But somebody finally decided to share over at USASG.

It's always fun matching wits with people who watch too many Law and Order reruns.

At what point is providing the police with tag numbers for tersely worded "Dear John" letters illegal?

Probably around the same point that providing them with information on who's dealing drugs, sucking cock for money, and lighting houses on fire is (hint: never).

I know that the street is a public place so he can take the pictures,

I'd say give that man a cigar, but he'd probably stick it Clinton-style in Danielle's rotten cooter and get oral gonasyphaherpelesamydia.

but to involve the police (for this letter home to strike fear, it'd have to be coming from Vice or mention prostitution, no?) seems a bit...libelous?

Another hint: to demonstrate libel, you'd have to demonstrate a statement is made about a PERSON with malicious intent that the speaker KNOWS to be false and says anyway and that it causes some sort of public, irreparable harm. Truth is an absolute defense to slander and libel claims, and statements of opinion and statements made in good faith (ie, we thought it was true at the time) are per se immune to defamation claims. Seeing as we're simply giving tag numbers over to police and not identifying anyone by've got no standing to sue bub. Your tag number isn't a person and has no standing to sue for libel. It can't be defamed or slandered. It's simply a piece of information collected by the police in the routine investigation of a crime. You should speak to a lawyer about this...we sure did!

But by all means, bring it. I'd happily spring for a few hundred bucks for a lawyer to meet you on Calvert Street so you can go on the record and explain to the court that you were picking up known prostitutes like Fat Donna or Jodie or Danielle or Suzy to take them to the orthodontist. My defense would be simple--I'd just have to post a picture of the three or four scum covered jagged, orange teeth they've got left so we could see that's not happening. Seeing as it was your car and not you that was given over to the BPD, I'd love to see you explain to the judge how you have standing to sue. "Your honor, my 1998 Ford Explorer was defamed by PJW's calumny! It's an outrage! The poor vehicle hasn't been the same". Seriously, I'm itching for somebody with the temerity to waste the court's time explaining how giving the BPD a tag number is defamatory.

On the record. In a public forum. Where your information, your address, the nature of your suit, and that it involves a known prostitute will be available for all to see in Maryland Case Search, which we can also share with the news media and our readership here. And your wife, who thought you were making Lowe's or Blockbuster runs all those times you rolled out after dinner.

Please. I'm dying for the opportunity to share your story with the world! It'll be a high old time. A real knee slapper. And great publicity for this site, for USASG, and for the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit.

Or you could just go pick up your snaggle toothed $20 beejays elsewhere.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night's sting netted a LOT fewer customers. Only a couple guys even eyeballed our volunteer, and the only one dumb enough to stop was a crotchety looking dude who took great umbrage at his comeuppance, and let forth a nasty diatribe about how he'd have us all locked up. Not sure what the charge would be, other than "giving the poor jackass a heart-attack when he realized the girl he thought was a hooker was actually a community minded individual who had no intention of blowing him for $20." Heh. I guess the complaints about the pickings being slim that we're seeing on USA Sex Guide are legit; there weren't any other girls working, and the john traffic had tapered off considerably.

For those thinking john traffic is now big deal...our unofficial count showed that traffic down the 1300 Block of Ward was about 60-70% less than it usually is at that hour. Yup, our girls were generating that much traffic, and as a result that many johns were there subsidizing the drug trade and often soliciting women who aren't prostitutes.

I guess the message is getting out. We're not joking--pick your heroin whores somewhere else, guys.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You know who you are.

Last night PJW conducted a "sting" operation. It was a resounding success; a female volunteer stood on a corner frequented by hookers and johns near the 1300 Blk of Ward St and the Church and the School on that block. When prospective johns looped by and attempted to pick her up, they instead received a flier that informed them that johns' tag numbers were being given to the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit for "Dear John" letters (and further action if necessary), and that said tag numbers would appear here.

We collected about 10 tags and gave out as many fliers to johns who made their intentions obvious. For now, we're going to be nice and withhold them, but you all know who you are. If you're spotted here again, the tags go up and BPD's Sargent K. does his thing.

A couple hours standing on the corner: FREE
25 copies at Kinko's: $2.50

The look on a john's face when he realizes that the young lady who he ogled a few times and looped past a few times before approaching for "services" was actually a community activist who was being escorted by a guy with a camera phone who was recording pics and tags and that if he doesn't find another neighborhood to pick up drug addicted women for cheap sexual indiscretions while his wife thinks he's at Home Depot he's gonna end up here and getting nastygrams from BPD...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PJW In The Spotlight

Once in a while the media gets something halfway right.

Click here for Fox45 video from last night.

They forgot to make mention of, but other than that not a bad spin. For those USASG types who were sure we were going away, probably a bit disappointing. I think it's pretty clear we're not going anywhere, and that the prevailing culture is experiencing a shift.

Should permanently shut up the assholes who say "geeee why don't they target the drug dealers instead?" We do, and we also target the people who supply the money that ends up in the drug dealers' pockets--attacking both sides of the problem.

Female friends tell me the number of guys accidentally soliciting them has gone down drastically in the last couple days thanks to Danielle lighting a house on fire. Make that three houses.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Quiet Sunday

It's been very quiet today since Danielle (allegedly) burned down a crackhouse* on the 1300 block of Washington Blvd.

All of the usual suspects (Danielle, Alabama, Melanie, Donna, Bird, et al), have gone into hiding to escape the street justice about to be meted out by the family members of the elderly woman burned out of the house next door. And you thought prostitution was a victimless crime.

Today, there were lots of circling, bewildered Johns looking for hookers.

One guy did happen to find a tranny looking girl/guy working the park side of Bayard and Washington Blvd.

Sunday at 7:25pm
Maryland Tag: 4FE 618

* Will post more on the crackhouse fire later.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Saturday

Saturday, October 3rd 6:51pm

Older white guy in a dark blue Acura picked up a busted, blonde junkie on the corner of Bayard and Washington.

Maryland Tag: KGP 375

Saturday October 3rd

@ 9:12am White guy picked up Danielle on corner of Bayard and Washington Blvd

Maryland Tag: HXN 752

@ 3:32pm Older white guy in puke green car picked up Granny at corner of S. Carey and Washington Blvd

Maryland Tag:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Oct 2nd

@ 5:30pm

Trashy white guy with goatee, driving a gold Ford Explorer picked up Jodie on the corner of Bayard and Washington Blvd.

Maryland Tag: M005081

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two For One

Suzy and another blonde hooker were hanging in front of Charles Carroll Barrister elementary yesterday around 1pm, and they lined up a Saturday Special: Two For One! They both hopped into a late model Nissan Altima with puke green paint, MD Tags 6CY V09.

Kids were playing on the street nearby. Nice!

Suzy has an open warrant in Baltimore County for VOP. Clock's ticking on this one boys, get it while it's hot.

Shaggin Wagon

MD Tags 563M507, Chevy conversion van picking up Fat Donna on the corner of Ostend and the Blvd, Saturday the 26th at 11am.

She was back on the corner ten minutes later, must have been a quick interaction. In any event she had her crack money and was good to go.

Her boyfriend usually coordinates the crack buys around that corner, and we have it on good authority that Donna has a few kids that do stay with her. Where is child social services in all this?

Friday, September 25, 2009

September 24th 8:00PM

Black guy in Jetta picked up Danielle on corner of Ward and S. Carey.

Maryland Tag: 2AX N66

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not Sure Whether I Should Feel Bad Or Not

Talked to the hooker, who guys by Suzy, that "dates" this guy. Apparently his story is that his wife is ill with cancer and he needs companionship. I won't judge that, if his wife isn't well enough to perform marital duties, well, by all means shop around for "services"...but use Craigslist like a big boy and not heroin addicts in Pigtown.

This was around 6pm last Friday. He just buzzed in, talked to her, and left, so no date on this day in plain sight. But Suzy confirms he dates her regularly and gives her money.

If his wife really is ill, I'm sorry to hear that and I hope the oncologists help her. But that doesn't excuse patronizing women in crisis who perpetuate Baltimore's continued urban blight.

Jeep Liberty, MD Tag 16389M0

Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21st

Had to chase these three away from Bayard/Washington, after they had just settled in for the afternoon rush of old/desperate guys in pickups, conversion vans and Dodge Calibers (the favored rental car of Pigtown Johns):


This is the one who was evicted from 1347 Ward not too long ago. Not sure where she's living, but we do know she's still in the area, working to support her and her boyfriend's heroin habits. She is exceptionally disgusting, as she sees nothing wrong with using the elementary school playground as her personal toilet. We've seen her losing control of basically all bodily functions and then heading right back up to the corner to resume working. I feel so sorry for all the unsuspecting wives/girlfriends/kids/grand kids who are sliding into a passenger seat after she's been in it. Especially after learning that she has a raging staph infection...


Unidentified Skank:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20th 12:08pm

Maroon Ford Pickup picked up a well-known heroin addict who pays for her addiction by "working" the 1300 block of Washington Blvd and the corner of Sergeant St and S Carey: Granny/Alabama, on corner of Bayard and Washington Blvd (next to nail salon).

Maryland Tag: 53W 255

September 20th 9:30am

White guy in silver Corolla picked up one of the regulars on the 1300 block of Washington Blvd.
Maryland Tag: A57 6543

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Zoned For Adult Businesses

September 18th 11:30am...This lovely creature is obviously unaware of Pigtown's zoning laws, because she thought it was ok to open her used vagina shop right next to Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School. Not only did she open her business next to an elementary school, she decided to put her Open For Business sign up during RECESS. That's right, while 6 and 7 year-old children played not 50 ft away, this woman hawked her past-their-prime goods, while a very interested John in a white pickup truck (with ladder), circled twice to check them out.

* Sorry for the blurry pic, but my camera absolutely refused to take an in-focus pic of this woman.

And to the guy who thinks it's ok to circle an elementary school looking for lunch-hour blowjobs, we have your tag, and you are definitely on our radar. It's just a matter of time before you get caught picking someone up.

Again, this would not be tolerated around an elementary school in the suburbs, and it's not going to be tolerated here.


Gotta love people who come here from out of state to score hookers--they sure don't want Danielle and Jody and Scrunchy Face and Fat Michelle and Donna working on the culdesacs of their suburban world, but they seem to have no issue with contributing to the continued destruction of Baltimore.

Weds the 16th.
White guy in black Dodge picked up Scrunchy Face on corner of Bayard/Washington Blvd
PA tag: HDK 8329

1219 Bayard

PJW recently learned that Buck (aka Howard Brown, DOB 12/2/43), the mean old guy who lets the hookers use his house as a shooting gallery and brothel and thus greatly contributes to the denigration of Pigtown as a whole, is a Section 8 renter.

That's right folks--your tax dollars are being used to subsidize the drug trade and prostitution in Pigtown.

Talk about a case needing nuisance abatement.

Sat, Sept 12th.

Around 840pm.

Toyota pickup picking up a hooker on Ward and Carey.

MD Tags 37K 883

Danielle's Sexual Orientation Diatribes

So last Saturday around 3am, Danielle was busy giving a heavy set African American gentleman a blowjob on the 1400 Blk of Ward Street. When a friend of PJW's happened by while walking his dog, he couldn't help but notice the heroin-addled young lady uhm...plying her trade.

When he asked that they find somewhere else to do that sort of thing, like maybe the empty industrial district 6 blocks down Bush Street, she responded with "Fuck you and fuck your faggot ass boyfriend Sebastian and you wannabe poeeeeleeece muthafuckas and I'm gonna start doing blowjobs in front of your house."

And I thought...Danielle uncovered my secret sexual proclivities by blowing somebody to score some heroin? Wow...that's some detective work. Not sure what's funnier, that, or the persistent thing I hear from drug dealers and hookers alike--namely, that because I object to trash in the alleys, drug addicts blowing guys in public, and narcotics trafficking and the concomitant crimes it generates happening in my community...I'm a wannabe? I guess in their twisted little world you're supposed to ignore bullshit that creates urban blight unless you're getting paid by the City to do otherwise. Volunteering isn't exactly something people like Danielle can fathom. Public service and responsibility for your community either, for that matter.

Fat black guy in a minivan, MD Tags 201M309.

Bonus bullshit--said fat guy claimed PJW's friend was "harassing him" and that he was gonna call the police. That's a riot. As though you have the right to get blown in public by a toothless dope addict.

Virginia Is For Lovers!

...or $10.00 blowjob lovers in this guy's case. The tag is Virginia, but I think it's time to get the tag changed to MD, because he's always in this neighborhood, looping through our streets in search of cheap sex from drug-addicted prostitutes.

Here he is at 4:07pm on September 17th, picking up one of the newest working girls to this area. We've seen a lot of new faces and more of the old faces recently due to Peanut's crew selling both heroin and crack on the corner of Bayard and Ward. Also, Buck's house at 1219 Bayard is where the ladies like to kick it when they're not on the clock, and the schoolyard is still proving a good place for these girls to shoot-up, use the bathroom and sleep. a "well oiled" assembly line, as soon as Virginia BJ Lover picked up the working girl on Bayard and Washington Blvd, another girl took her place:

She turned out to be a little camera shy, and decided to move up to the no-mans land at Bush and Washington Blvd.

Anyway...back to Virgina. Not content with just one afternoon BJ, he decided to loop through again at 5:11pm, where I snapped this at the corner of Bayard and Ward. I have to give the guy credit though, If you're going to drive all the way from Virginia to buy blowjobs from drug addicts, you should buy in bulk. Why waste a trip?

Virginia Tag: XSS 6281

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Must be on a safari in their Jeep, probably to Toothless BJ-ville, in Gonorrhealand. You need all sorts of offroad gear for an adventure like that. And a willingness to risk having your tag number up here.

11:07am, 9/8/09
Older white guy picked up white hooker working Washington Blvd/S Carey
Maroon Jeep Cherokee
Maryland Tag: M357809

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, 2pm

MD Tags 10714M6, dark gray Honda Pilot. Picking up a scabby faced blond hooker on the corner of Bayard and Washington.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guess Who Just Finished a Stint in Jail

...and is now seeking employment from guys who don't ask her to check the "have you ever been convicted of a crime" box on the employment application? Heather. Heather lives in Morrell Park, but commutes to Pigtown, where employment opportunities are more fruitful.

On Sunday (September 6th), she hit the pavement early to hand out her updated resume. The first potential-employer, an older white guy in a white Ford F-350, picked her up on the corner of Bayard and Ward St., for a 9:50am interview. Maryland Tag: 3OT 692.

Not sure how the "interview" went, but the guy dropped her off about 15 minutes later, on the corner of Washington Blvd and Bayard, where she waited for her next round of "interviews".

Here she is thinking about how she'll answer those pesky interview questions, such as "where do you think you'll be in 5 years?", "what are your weaknesses?", "what can I get for $20.00?", when another potential employer asks to see her resume. Maryland Tag: 9OOM615...this "interview" began at 10:11am.

In all fairness, when the guy saw that I was there to audit the interview, he promptly put her out on the street. I guess this potential-employer wasn't set up for 1099's.

Here's a list of career and non-career related activities Heather's been involved in over the past few years:

Assault ARRESTED (Nolle Pros'd) 7/19/2000
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 5/6/2005
Prostitution GUILTY 5/6/2005
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 11/29/2005
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 2/15/2006
Incident Exposure GUILTY 11/2/2006
Prostitution GUILTY 3/22/2007
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 7/17/2007
Prostitution GUILTY 6/24/2008

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stay Classy, You

White pickup.

White guy picked up Danielle on corner of Bayard and Washington at 2:40pm

School had just let out, and there were still parents picking up their kids while our monger friend picked up Danielle the recently homeless heroin addict.

Maryland tag: O8N 838

You would never see Cockeysville or Severna Park or Annapolis or Hagerstown or Chestertown or Bel Air tolerating Mike and Danielle running the hookershop they're running on the corner right next to a school. Why they hell do we tolerate this in Baltimore?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pickup in a Pickup!

Older white male picking up hooker on corner of Ward and Bayard at 9:41am.

Two-toned Ford pickup.
Maryland tag: 34W 661

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gold Chevy

Compact gold Chevy picking up one of our regular hookers, Maryland tag: KSA 618.

She's one of the folks buying regularly from the resurgent drug market on the corner of Bayard and Ward. Peanut and company are doing a brisk business with the streetwalkers around here. Not long before they're facing a big time lockup.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Starts Soon...

...but that doesn't stop johns from picking up girls right in front of a school yard. This is shot along Bayard Street right across the street from Charles Carroll Barrister elementary. The Blue Mazda picked up a hooker around 3pm on Tuesday. MD Chesapeake tags (with the C over the D), O2338.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carroll Park

It really is a lovely park and should be a safe, secure environment for Baltimore kids to have something to do, and not a hovel for junkies and hookers...but too many of the girls use it for a place to pick up johns and shoot up their junk.

Feeding the problem--suburban johns who don't mind enabling these girls here in our neighborhood, but wouldn't want them on their doorstep.

Gold sedan Maryland Tag: 8AB O41, picking up the girl we know as the Jodie lookalike around 730pm just outside Carroll Park's opening.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Supposed To Be A Threat?

If so, bring it on.

You could be smart (as you claim to be) and keep steering clear of the area...or you can keep it up and get yourself into a database maintained by the BPD and have them start sending correspondence home for your wife to enjoy while you're at work (for starters).

Either way is fine with me, but the reality is the Neighborhood Services Unit for the SD is being headed up by a new guy who takes this sort of thing seriously and is very proactive. He was recently profiled in the Baltimore Sun for being courageous and not taking any shit; I can assure you you're picking a fight you can't win.

Carry on.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Likely Story

The guy who drives the babypuke green Ford Expedition with MD Tags A124616 is seen circling the area constantly. I've openly confronted him, and he insists he's just trying to help the girls and he's not engaging the services of the hookers he picks up.

Even if that is true...I've learned from trying to get these girls to give up the dope and straighten out that it's USELESS. Even if you're not getting the blowjob pal (and I suspect you are...let's be real), you're still contributing to the problem by making it easier for these girls to operate and to keep helping the forces that are screwing up our neighborhood.

Late 90s Ford Expedition, MD Tags A124616 picked up a hooker on the corner of Bayard and Washington, right in front of a school--Sarge, let him know we don't need him doing social work in Pigtown, especially since he's not from around here (talked to somebody in patrol once who pulled up his info, his picture was on file and his address was Ellicott City).

Another Regular

Our friend in the extended cab Dodge Ram, MD Tags 18V 658. Picking up a hooker on Carey and Sargent. You can almost set your clock by this guy coming by in the last afternoon to pick up a junkie.

Not Getting The Hint

One of our more notorious regulars is a Chevy Avalanche we've dubbed the Nut Sack Express. Dude, if you're gonna pick up junkie whores, you might want to rent a less conspicuous vehicle or something--because a bright copper colored late model truck with graphics and bling and fake testicles hanging from the trailer hitch really does stand out when you're out scouring the streets for hookers. Add in the fact that you've got firefighter tags, and it's just ridiculous that you're still here picking up girls here. Maybe if Sergeant K calls down to whatever station our firefighting friend works and has a convo with the captain in charge of that unit the hint will get across. In any event, a couple different members of the community association have asked this guy to knock it off to no avail.

The Nut Sack Express: MD Firefighter Tags (with the C over the F), tag number is 0522. Picked up a junkie hooker up on Wilkens.

I'm sure whatever fire department you work for is happy to learn you're helping perpetuate Baltimore's addiction problem by taking advantage of sick, addicted women. This is one I'm tempted to call the media on. We'll let Sarge do his letter thing, and if you're still here a couple weeks from now, we'll let Fox 45 and WMAR do their thing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bye, Danielle

Danielle and her ex-boyfriend-that-she-was-mooching-off were evicted this week from 1347 Ward Street. Funny how that works.

Girls are still spending their blowjob fees on drugs on Ward Street though, they're buying from Peanut and Rashad on the end of the block and lighting up their fixes either in Buck's house (1219 Bayard) or in the school yard.

Bobbie's house (where Rashad lives part time) has already been raided once...and is gonna be again soon if they don't knock it off. I've spoken to some of the girls who've agreed to stay off Ward Street, but a few determined ladies insist on doing business there.

It's just not gonna fly. Johns: there will be lots of LEO action on the 1300 Blk of Ward in coming weeks...just take my word for it :). Act I'd love the opportunity to put pix of you getting a free tour of CBIF up here.

Keystone Johns

Pennsylvania Tags GCL 3089, silver car, picking up a hooker on Washington and Bayard.

What, they don't have hookers up in PA? You have to come help destroy our neighborhood? Please...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Nice try. You're still an idiot. That number hasn't been mine in six months. But I'm sure whoever has it now really appreciates that.

Keep drawing attention to yourselves in that sort of fashion. See how it works out for ya.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Black male in a blue pickup, picking up a new blonde, fat, white hooker who's been hanging around Buck's house at 1219 Bayard.

MD tags: 98P 899

Picking up hookers on the corner of Bayard and the Blvd, where there's a school and kids at play.

Selfish, isn't it?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Blackdawn seems to get it, and we're good sports here. If you wanna get off, great. Just don't pick up crackwhores in Pigtown and you'll have no issues with us.

Nothing Beats a BJ...

...when on the way to the job site. Another hooker pickup in front of the elementary school on Washington Blvd, this time a red contractor's style extended cab truck with a silver tool box.

MD Tags 10V 062.

Early birds getting the worm lately.

Long Way To Go... get a crackwhore blowjob. We have a visitor from Virginia.

Picking up a hooker on the infamous Washington/Bayard corner (you know, right in front of Charles Carroll Barrister elementary school and a playground):

Virginia Tags: ZPS 4713
Maroon Jeep Cherokee

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mystery Camera Man

Not sure who this would have been, but apparently somebody got Drobsdaman from USASG on camera trying to pick up girls up in the Tri District area.

Would love to see the video in question and I'm sure Sergeant K. from the Neighborhood Services Unit would find it useful as well. If our mystery camera man reads this site, please comment here and we'll discuss how to exchange contact info or meet up.

Thanks for your efforts.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Late Night Pick Up

Our friend Danielle is having a rough week; she got the crap kicked out of her by one of Peanut's drug dealing cousins over a drug debt (probably the 50 gelcaps of heroin the police seized earlier in the week from a guy going into her house). Her kids were seized by child social services. Then we learned that her man Mike is getting evicted and she'll be homeless. Ahhh the life of a crackwhore. Sign us up!

My guess is that the late model silver Jeep Cherokee that picked up her up last night was there to console her with a crack hit. He's either a john or a crackscore, but in either case he's got no business picking her up on the corner of Carey and Ward at 1130pm.

MD tags: 37133M2

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taxi Cab Confessions

Uh oh...

Apparently this cab driver thought it would be acceptable to pull up Granny hooker and have her give him a hand job in broad daylight right next to a school, a playground, and in plain sight of the citizens enjoying a nice summer afternoon on the 1300 Blk of Ward Street.

911 was called, and Officers responded, and found the john in question being serviced by Granny's loving hands. The subsequent hilarity was captured on film for your enjoyment.

We'll be making calls to the cab company to ask them what their policy is about getting handies on the company clock.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Believe It, Bud

I like this post...a long rambler about the poor girl from A&E's Intervention's mad skills (saw her the other night when I was riding along with Sgt. Mistysyn and helping him track a couple problem drug dealers down...she really is a pretty girl and it's sad to see her back working the streets) and then a gripe that we're back (for those new to the site...I took over after the original BJW domain holder got a job in municipal govt and thus had to give up socio-political blogging as a condition of employment).

Oh well...after a couple month hiatus, yeah, we're back. And not likely to go anywhere for a while. And instead of just a relationship with the SD's Ops Unit and the Major, we're working directly with Vice. If your tag shows up here...YOU WILL GET A NICE NASTYGRAM RE: YOUR MONGERING ACTIVITIES HERE FOR YOUR WIFE TO READ WHILE YOU'RE WORKING AT WALMART OR THE LOCAL JANITORIAL SUPPLIES STORE.

Or you could just go find dopewhores somewhere else. Just a thought. Why not take the path of least resistance?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black Pickup Truck

MD Tags: 12N 488

Picked up a hooker on Carey and the Boulevard, right there in the heart of the WW loop.

High profile area that is being watched, constantly. Start picking the up elsewhere boys, unless you like Dear John letters coming home.

Friday, July 17, 2009

No Wonder Chrysler Went Chap11

Their customers are heroin-whore and crack-whore lovin dweebs.

Chrysler Sebring with MD tags A045685 picked up a newcomer girl around the 1300 Block of Ward last night (hint: if you pick up a girl anywhere near the Carey/Ward/Bayard/Blvd loop...we're probably going to see you do it...your odds are better above the train tracks, but down here you're in my wheelhouse, baby).

Sarge, do your thing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picking A Fight You Can't Win

Oddly enough a couple of the USASG guys seem to think anything they say on a website dedicated to an illegal activity that helps perpetuate urban blight in Baltimore might actually be annoying to us.

One of the perks of the being the good guys: not having to give a shit about what the bad guys have to say. I suppose this is supposed to be intimidating? (Here's a quick hint: if drug dealers and their ilk knowing who I am, where I live, and what I do doesn't bother me...what you guys have to say certainly won't.)

I wonder if the guys whose wives have gotten Sergeant K's "dear john" letters in the mail while they're at work think this is as funny as Baltimore Monger and Green Shadow (you should get that looked at dude) seem to think it is. Probably evidenced by two weeks of this site being back up already having a noticeable downward effect on SW traffic in the Carey St area.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Prostitution Court

Does Baltimore need a hooker and john court? Probably.

I'm still dying for some john to work up the guts to file a civil suit for having his car tagged here; I can see it now. "Your honor, I was picking up the woman with a long history of prostitution and CDS arrests in a known prostitution neighborhood and taking her for a ride because...I wanted her to tell me if my car was making a funny noise. Yeah, that's it--I hear she's a hell of a mechanic and knows how to work a tool."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Donna actually seems like a nice girl; she's no shrinking violet, but she is a family woman with a few kids. She seems to mostly keep to herself and isn't a huge problem compared to most of the junkies in Pigtown, but she is a pretty persistent "date" around here.

I felt bad about posting this one, as the driver is a disabled vet and I certainly don't begrudge the guy for wanting to be serviced...but he should seek out the services of an incall escort and not an at-risk woman like Donna on Pigtown's streets.

Red and Silver Cadillac, MD handicapped veteran tags: 49014


Talked with her a bit last night; I didn't realize that I'd known who she was before she became a junkie hooker. Sad, really. Wouldn't have recognized her from a few years ago when I first met her...she said she's not quite reached bottom yet and just isn't ready to get into rehab.

When the mongers bitch about us not minding our own business, remember this: their business is taking advantage of women who have serious, tragic, terminal drug addiction. They've not even a smidgen of moral standing to gripe about anything anyone else does.

Save The Bay

Nice to see our Pigtown mongering friends are environmentally conscious. A white male in an extended cab pickup with MD's "Chesapeake" tags did a pickup of Erica Lynn Sears this morning on the corner of Bayard and Ward around 530am.

Save the Chesapeake tag: 0448Y, with the C over A.

Maybe they were going to do some oyster and crab population studies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Early bird gets the worm, and I guess Danielle needed some early morning breakfast dope. She was picked up on the corner of Bayard and Ward by a guy in a silver Chevy Avalanche (or similar) with MD Tags 75W 460.

Gotta love a girl who turns tricks when her man isn't looking.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Slow Night

Didn't see many girls working this evening. Even the usual girls like in-call Danielle and Jodie "I'm Really A Nice Girl When I'm Not Assaulting People" Buettner weren't around, nor was Pellet Arm Michelle (recently arrested for agg-assault with a knife) or Fat Pat Guthrie.

Kind of disappointing, really--this site's been back up a week and it seems the message is already getting out. So much for a long list of tag numbers to share with BPD's Neighborhood Services Unit.

Sergeant K from the NSU wanted me to pass along that he's looking forward to writing more Dear John letters and expanding his database. Keep circling, boys!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

FeedJIT Rocks

It's telling me we're getting lots of hits from USASG this evening. Welcome back, fat white dudes in beater vehicles. We love ya! Good to have you...for a bunch of guys who insist what we're up to doesn't matter, you sure do spend a lot of time around here.

That Didn't Take Long

Was wondering how long it would take the fat old guys at USASG to realize we were back in action.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Once again, for the short bus crowd...if what we do is so ineffectual...why do you care? And why did the girls/johns essentially leave Pigtown for parts elsewhere when BJW was in full swing?

The more they protest, the more we know what we're doing is working. As for the idea that we "think" we're changing things, I'll defer to the little old ladies who've lived in Pigtown as long as most of the crusty old johns have been circling in their beater cars, who uniformly welcome our help and loathe what befell Pigtown in the 70s and 80s. They remember a time when Washington Village didn't have hookers and heroin, and they certainly deserve to spend their twilight years without you disgusting old fat guys empowering the addicts stinking up their alleys. (As for minding our own business...this neighborhood is our business. You guys certainly don't want these girls on your corner in Jessup or Ellicott City, and we don't want them here--if you're giving them money, it is indeed our business).

Keep circling guys...Sergeant K. looks forward to sending you those "Dear John" letters.


One of our long-time heroin addict hookers looks like she's about 58...but is probably about 38. I've seen her on a couple of bad heroin trips, writhing around in agony; you can't help but wonder which trip will be her checkout trip. She's got no teeth. She's literally wasting away, and it's very sad to see her sickness play out in public.

None of that stops men from picking her up apparently. Today she was picked up by a guy in a beater silver Tercel. They stopped on Ostend Street where she met up with the knucklehead #1 male in the Yankee hat who's been dealing there for a couple weeks now so she could get her "medicine".

Silver Toyota Tercel
MD Tags: 9CF Z73

I can't imagine why she'd be in his car. What's wrong with you dude?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Maybe the reason the 1300 Block of Ward is popular--Danielle still hasn't been kicked out, despite the wishes of everyone else on that block, including her erstwhile boyfriend.

Danielle is a nasty toothless crackwhore with a bad attitude who consistently services johns inside her man's house. No wonder he keeps locking her out. Too bad he can't seem to shake himself of her. Whenever he's not looking, she's serving up her infected ass to old nasty dudes.

Red truck with MD Tags 07P 278 pulled up and went inside for a "visit". Maybe they're playing cards together for a while or watching Oprah.

1300 Ward

For some reason johns and hookers like using this block, despite the presence of older retired folks, state officials, several of us john watchers, and a SCHOOL YARD.

You'd think they'd have the brains to at least steer clear of this area.

Apparently not.

Picking up a hooker this afternoon, MD Tags: 29606M9, white male in a green van.


She's a big girl, 41, and been working here a while. Casesearch shows a long history of CDS and prostitution arrests. She was quoted in the Investigative Voice as saying "hey, I gotta make a living somehow". Funny, lots of people manage to make a living without sucking strangers off for money on public streets in broad daylight, as she's known to do.

Last night she hopped in a Black Toyota 4Runner that we've seen around here quite a few times. I gather he's a friend or a crack hookup. John or no, he's helping her continue to be an eyesore in our neighborhood and he's gotta go.

MD Tags: 633M580

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry To See Her Back

One of the things we were most proud of was getting Kitten to decide to get some help. I used to give her food, a couple of dollars here and there, and occasionally some clean clothes or laundry help. I talked her into getting into rehab, and for about 8 months she was gone. She would check in occasionally; she had a job, a place to stay, and was clean.

I guess that lifestyle wasn't for her. She's back, and she's hooking. Sad to see. I'm fairly well convinced at this point that you can't save these women from themselves.

Kitten (aka Phyllis Amonica) was seen getting picked up on the 1300 hundred block of Ward Street (right next to a school and a church) recently.

White Van, white male john MD Tags: 38V 299.

Sorry to see that...but our john buddy certainly isn't helping.

We're Back

BJW is now PJW!

The old Baltimore John Watch site had to come down as the domain holder got a job as a cop; even though they blogged anonymously, you obviously can't have a political and social reform blog when you're in law enforcement, anymore than you can don a uniform and go protest down in front of city hall.

Sorry to disappoint the goons over at USASG, but BJW didn't go away because one of them sued us or scared us off. Time for that rumor to be put to bed.

In the interim period, the hookers have naturally crawled back into service in Pigtown, and the drug trade that they empower picked right back up. (Funny how some johns actually would try to argue they weren't complicit in the drug trade.)

That should soon turn right back around. BPD has a new guy heading up vice efforts in Pigtown who really "gets it" and understands that hookers are the engine powering the nonsense that plagues our neighborhood. He's committed to sending a Dear John letter home to every tag number we identify as picking up hookers in our neigborhood. Anyone dumb enough to be a repeat offender will get even more "attention". We hope Sargent K. is going to make good on that offer; I have no doubt that he will.

Be warned--it's time to get your toothless addict blowjobs somewhere else.