Thursday, December 17, 2009

Any Given Sunday

On game day, normal men hang out in man caves or sports bars to drink beer and watch football. Losers who "monger", however, pop a viagra and do loop-after-loop on the Washington/Wilkins, looking for cut-rate BJs from toothless, diseased and drug-addicted prostitutes.

This loser, dropped off a prostitute on the corner of Ward and Bayard at 11:51am on Sunday the 13th.

Gold Buick Park Avenue (because he's a sophiscated and upscale), Maryland tag: MRJ 766

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Prostitution Coverage

Investigative Voice article on the recent prostitution panel discussion in Baltimore.

Maryland Tag: 2OX 675

December 8th - guy in grayish extended cab pickup, circled the block several times before picking up Danielle on the corner of S Carey and Ward @ 11:57pm.

Interestingly, he just happened to drive by my neighbor, the police officer - just off from work, who noted the truck and its occupants.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hint: You're Not Really All That Bright

The USASG pukes never cease to amuse. Guys, if I had anything to hide, I never would have used my name in conjunction with this site. Posting my address(es) and making disparaging comments about me from the rather cowardly place that is hiding behind a keyboard is supposed to make me leave you alone? It'd be fun to laugh at the stupidity if it weren't so flippin sad to see people with all the advantages Western Civilization has to offer still manage to be that idiotic.


If anything, it makes me feel even less sorry about pissing in your punchbowl.

One of the perks of being one of the good guys--not having to worry about anything you guys might have to say. As though the opinions of cowards who hide behind anonymous screen names and who abuse drug addicted diseased street whores in Baltimore would have any bearing on any of us. And if you think we're at all concerned about using tools available to us to track you down, by all means bring it. I'd love to see you explain that one to the judge. Probably would be as much the riot that your defamation suit would be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Awesome Site - NSFW!

Want to know what USA Sex Guide is all about? Check out this site. It perfectly sums up the losers who can't get women to blow them without paying for it. These are the guys who drive around looking for $20.00 blow jobs, from catatonic, heroin-addicted women, because the "classy" women who work on Craigslist are beyond their budgets.

This is just one of the gems out on the site:

"While there, the people within the USASexGuide not only discuss massage parlors, AIDS, and yeast infections, they also argue the morality of prostitution like a pack of self hating Craigslist refugees who cannot seem to kick their habit of liking to stick their dicks into disease-ridden crack addicted hookers."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chesapeake Tag: 77730 C over C

White Ford F-150 w/ White Bed Cover, picked up a known prostitute on the corner of Washington Blvd and Bayard.

December 5th at 7:58am

This Is Too Precious

This guy attempts to explain the gentlemanly pursuit of female companionship from a monger's point of view. His words are precious, but completely belie the reality of what these scumbags are all about. They think it's ok to hunt for drug-addicted, strung-out, HIV and HEP B/C positive women in an area that's "ground zero" for prostitution. He wants us to move out so they can continue to hunt with impunity.

This area may not be Roland Park, but it is not some fictional uninhabited Hamsterdam, where anything goes. There are a lot of good people in this area who were born here. They either don’t want to (or can’t) leave, and don’t deserve to be victimized by scumbag, old white men looping through their neighborhood with hard-ons, looking to buy cheap blowjobs because no one else will touch them.

My neighbor goes to work at 4:30am and works 10 hour shifts as a garbage collector. His wife spends 3 hours on a bus every day – this in addition to the 8 hours she spends working as a medical assistant. They have very little money, but are trying to make their home a little haven in the middle of a very ugly place. They do not deserve to come home to a prostitute taking a shit (or servicing a john) in their backyard. They also don’t deserve to be awakened in the middle of the night by prostitutes fighting over drugs, money, etc, or a prostitute lying across their stoop, with her pants down, screaming "Help Me!" while digging at her VD infested crotch.

This scumbag states that mongers come in all shapes and sizes. This is true to a point, but the majority of mongers in this area are older, white men who think, because this is an economically depressed area (and predominately black), it's ok to take a shit here.

Understand this: We are not going away. We have cameras. We now have a very quick way to find out where you live. We will come to your house - we will visit your ostensibly, upscale neighborhood and interview your neighbors. We'll go house-to-house with pictures.

This is not a threat. It will happen. It only takes a few seconds to write down a tag. Once we have that - you're fucked.

Here's part of the scumbag's post from USASEXGUIDE:

"On the other hand I think you are approaching this topic from a point of view that is too simple. Remember we mongers come in all shapes and sizes, all races and income levels. We could be anyone from Hugh Grant to Jeffrey Dahmer. We have diverse reasons why we practice our hobby. Some are married some are not. Many of us know each other.

The idea that you are going to move into the highest density prostitution zip code in the state of Maryland and push out a culture that has be active for over 60 years is not only naive it is also selfish. This behavior has been with us since the beginning of time. Around the world our hobby is becoming decriminalized.

Also, about the girls. Most of us do not wish them harm. Some of them (probably most of them) have serious dysfunctional habits. But I have also been with some who are very normal, sometimes exceptional from an intellect perspective. I know for a fact that I have paid for sex which has translated into money used on baby formula and rent. Especially as our economic condition hardens more of this will become common place.

This is not a personal attack, but at some point you will realize it makes more sense for you to move to a "non prostitution" zip code (perhaps somewhere like Roland Park) and leave our hunting ground alone. Remember, we were here before you, we will certainly be here after you have long gone."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bring It!

Lots of tough sounding talk about fighting back by mongering even more over on USASG. Hilarious! Bring it on boys, there are a couple new tricks up our sleeves I think you'll find entertaining. We're looking forward to stopping by your trailer park with cameras and media in tow; our buddy Stephen Janis would love to take pictures of your house, get your wives' opinions, post them on Investigative Voice, and talk about your activities on the Ed Norris Show. Last I talked to him before Turkey Day, he was salivating at the opportunity. This just gets better.

Oddly enough, when they're not posting anonymously and are actually in the real world instead of hiding behind the keyboard, they don't seem nearly as eager to say much of anything. Nobody drives faster in Pigtown than a would be monger who spots a video camera or private citizen writing down tag numbers. Lots of bravado, not much action boys. If you wanna come walk the walk instead of talking the illiterate talk that seems to flood USASG like open sores on a Ramsay Street hooker...come on down. We'll have the cameras rolling.

This ought to be good. :) If you think talking about my personal life is entertaining, I can't wait til we start talking about yours.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Scumbag Speaks

We're going to keep posting these statements from USASEXGUIDE, to give our readers an idea of just how desperate and degenerate (and illiterate), these scumbags are:

"DROF report

I agree with the thing he had to say and them with sores. I wonder if it is time for us as a collective to take a brake from SW for at least a few months. I have been here four months and when I first got here the selection was great but over the last month or so its been nasty choices and those choices seem to have something wrong with them. Less hot girls and more stds is a bad combo. I myself and on brake because of that for at least 2 month if not for good."

Boy, That's A Tight Fit

I dunno who Fitztight is, but I'm guessing he's a monger trying to warn his compatriots that using your Aunt Mary's station wagon or a rental Dodge doesn't make you as anonymous as you think you are when you prowl around for diseased, downtrodden, addicted women to blow your old wrinkly dingus.

In any event, our long time friend Benchseats Rock seems to have lost the plot. To answer his question, Baltimore's a great city to live in and would be a lot better if idiots like him would quit feeding the problem. As though a guy who openly admits in a public forum that his sex life involves debasing and taking advantage of opiate addicts is in a position to pass judgment on anyone's living arrangements. Must be lonely in his corner of the trailer park these days...

Dear friend: even if you manage to score a sore-laden, toothless heroin addict for that $20 blowjob, you still have to live with the fact that you need to do that sort of thing to get any action. Is that really winning? Heh.

Even though the hooker action has been kinda slow, I'm thinking a fun activity might be picking up a few of the local ladies in a van, picking a lucky winner from the pool of frequent looping mongers, and dropping them off at said monger's doorstep for him and the missus to play house with.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Map To The Pigtown Stars

Below is what the mongers call the WW Loop. If you drive this route, you'll see the same white guys doing lap-after-lap in their pickup trucks, vans and Dodge Calibers (rental). Occasionally, you'll see the guy with the "My kid is an honor...blah blah" on his Honda Element, the Prius with the Ivy League college stickers, and my favorite: the guys sporting the Emerald Society and FOP license plates. I urge our readers to get out on the loop with some friends and check it out. Saturdays are good, rush-hour is always busy, as is any time between 8pm and midnight.

Seriously, let these guys know you're out there. Honk and wave if you want. They really like it when you fall in behind them and follow them. It's more fun than a $10.00 BJ from a toothless, drug-addicted and diseased hooker.

If You Had Any Doubts

...about the kind of scumbags who pay diseased and drug-addicted women to blow them, then read this gem from one of the scumbags from USASEXGUIDE.

"I picked up Mary around 9:00 pm last night. It was my first time and it was my last time. She had a nice personality, so I decided to take her to the notel. With her big boobs,she looks hot in her clothes.

First she started with " I usually get $100 to go to a motel". I countered with half that because I was thinking about what I was going to do with those huge tits. Once her clothes came off, the smile quickly left my face. She does have a gut,and some sores from the H use. Anyway, I covered up and started to put it in. In about twenty seconds she starts complaining that she had a sharp pain in her vagina. She stated that she had cervical CA before and wanted to stop. I half heartedly believed her so we stop. We get dressed and head back to Wilkens. I did not say a word to her the whole trip back.

I am not sure if Mary was telling the truth about the cervical CA condition or not. It may have been just a ploy to get quick money and get back to the drugs. I would not recommend her.

Propilot-Always check your six.

Maryland Tag: 05W 974

Red pickup truck with extended cab picked up a woman working the 1300 block of Washington Blvd at 5:18pm, December 1st.