Monday, November 30, 2009

Heather Update

Looks like Heather, who has been living with Uncle Buck at 1219 Bayard St, was just busted yet again for CDS.

Defendant Information
Defendant Name:LAW, HEATHER M
Address:1910 PARKSLEY ST
City:BALTIMOREState:MDZip Code:21230 - 0000

Court Scheduling Information
Trial Date:01/07/2010Trial Time:08:30 AMRoom:5
Trial Type:
Trial Location:5800 WABASH AVE BALTIMORE 21215-3330
Charge and Disposition Information
(Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)
Charge No:001Description:CDS:POSSESS-NOT MARIHUANA
Statute:CR.5.601.(a)(1)Description:CDS:POSSESS-NOT MARIHUANA
Amended Date:CJIS Code:4 3550MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
Incident Date From: 11/13/2009To: 11/13/2009Victim Age:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time For Another Sting

This white male looped around my block twice before pulling over to wait for Danielle to come around the corner from S Carey. Interestingly, he didn't feel like waiting any longer once he saw my camera.

Danielle, by the way, is just out of jail and sporting a closed, black eye. But, I guess when you're a guy who's looking for a $20.00 blowjob, black eyes aren't really deal breakers.

Maryland Chesapeake tag: 81050 C over Y

Saturday (11/28) at 12:52pm

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Been Delightfully Slow

Didn't see much in the way of hooker selection for our john buddies this week. Today's been dead. Cold weather + shitty economy + guys not wanting to get Dear John letters home = bad week for Pigtown Hookerdoom.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Always Nice To Get Props

Once in a while the traffic monitor lets me know when we've gotten a link from another blogger. Even folks on the Eastern Shore seem to appreciate having us around, leading by example. Good stuff. While I'd object to the characterization of people who've bought houses in Pigtown in the last few years (it's actually safer here than it is in Fed Hill or Canton, and I've got the crime stats courtesy of Maj. Bloodsworth to prove it), we're not ashamed to say we've got a few rough edges around here.

Rather than do the traditional Bawlmer thing and pretend they're not there, we're working hard at rounding them off. Coming to a john watch sting near you.

You Be The Judge!

The USA Sex Guide description of Heather is found here. Sounds enticing, doesn't she? Like a real peach.

The reality is found here: when reporter Janis took that picture, she insisted he use one with her mouth closed because she's self conscious about only having one tooth left, and to shoot from the right hand side so you can't see the tracked up needle bruises on her jugular. I love how "Love to Monger" refers to her as clean. Yeah, she's clean alright...about as clean as the bottom end of the Baltimore Sewer. And smells about the same after a 4 day dope binge.

, which is better, the USASG version of Heather or the Investigative Voice one? We report, you decide!

All kidding aside, the reality is that Heather is unfortunate. She's a victim of her own disease, and if you get your jollies by taking advantage of her, you're a sick fuck.

UPDATE: It may interest you to know that the house where Heather stays (an older gent who goes by Buck, aka Howard Brown) caught fire today. Another Pigtown house fire set by a hooker, presumably Heather, seeing as she's the only hooker living there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


MD tags 72R 350, White Chevy Avalanche

Picked up Granny Hooker (either Alabama or the one who kinda looks like her) on the corner of James and Carey around 11pm.

The USASG pukes are pretty open about their disappointment re: the slowdown in hooker availability. Between the sting operations, the crappy weather, and some pretty persistent (thanks Sargent K!) efforts by SD Patrol and SD Ops, it's been slow for PJW action lately.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MD Tags LAL 045

8pm on 11/9/09, picked up Scrunchy Face Melanie on the Blvd and Bayard. Black Male in his 30s, late model import sedan, brown or maroon in color.


Apparently we're not the only ones out there watching the hookers and mongers. We're glad to see we're encouraging others. We haven't run a sting in the last few days (the last few have been pretty uneventful, there aren't many other hookers around as business has been slow for them, and the johns are largely avoiding the area, we're only giving out a couple fliers a night if any...its amazing how quiet our streets are sans johns...they were literally half the automotive traffic on Pigtown streets at night before our stings started), but apparently somebody else was.

Mystery camera man/woman, would love to hear from you. As promised on the Jonny Holmes show the other night, PJW is happy to help our neighbors duplicate our efforts.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Britney again

This guy is hilarious: he sounds surprised that a formerly healthy young girl who was hooked on crack by her crackhead father and forced into prostitution by a man deranged enough to leverage his teenage daughter into streethooking isn't all that enthusiastic about giving him a $20 blowjob.

Wonder if that was you the other day on Bayard Street in the red F250 with the tinted windows, Alphonse. You might be getting a letter for your wife's enjoyment courtesy of the BPD. Love to be a party to THAT dinner conversation.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Brit Sighting: MD Tags 693 258

This fellow had the misfortune of dropping off Britney/Brittany (sp?) in front of the Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School right as I rounded the corner. Just missed getting a shot of her getting out of the car, but I did get a nice one of him stuck at the light. Lots of tint, but when he circled past me in the other direction while he looped for his next "date", I saw that he was a white male in his late 40s early 50s with salt and pepper hair, and facial hair.

In other words, almost old enough to be the girl's grandfather. Nice scoop, Woody Allen. Nothing like getting your jollies from a girl being pressed into prostitution by her drug addict father (who apparently is selling drugs out of 1246 Sargent, not just using them). Sarge K, maybe you might include mention of that in the Dear John letter you send home--our friend from the 'burbs isn't participating in a "victimless crime" here.

October 30th, around 1500hrs.