Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Be The Judge!

The USA Sex Guide description of Heather is found here. Sounds enticing, doesn't she? Like a real peach.

The reality is found here: when reporter Janis took that picture, she insisted he use one with her mouth closed because she's self conscious about only having one tooth left, and to shoot from the right hand side so you can't see the tracked up needle bruises on her jugular. I love how "Love to Monger" refers to her as clean. Yeah, she's clean alright...about as clean as the bottom end of the Baltimore Sewer. And smells about the same after a 4 day dope binge.

Hmm...so, which is better, the USASG version of Heather or the Investigative Voice one? We report, you decide!

All kidding aside, the reality is that Heather is unfortunate. She's a victim of her own disease, and if you get your jollies by taking advantage of her, you're a sick fuck.

UPDATE: It may interest you to know that the house where Heather stays (an older gent who goes by Buck, aka Howard Brown) caught fire today. Another Pigtown house fire set by a hooker, presumably Heather, seeing as she's the only hooker living there.

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