Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He's Baaaaaaaack!

Our PJW stings from last fall really decimated the john population around here. The USASG guys pretty much threw in the towel (they even recently posted a map of the "loops" referring to Pigtown as my "turf" and advising other mongers to steer clear) when they saw that yeah...you might find yourself on YouTube if you don't knock it off.

One guy didn't get the message; as promised, every john got one warning. If you came back...your tag goes up on PJW for all to see.

122M963, MD tags. Ford Fusion or some such micro-SUV, black. Indian (as in Asian Indian) male driver. We have some great footage of him somewhere looking like a goon when he realizes our model isn't interested in 'dating' him. Might have to dig that up.

Sarge, remind him that we weren't joking.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take Out, Or Eat In

Most of the girls working the corners in Pigtown hop in johns' cars and speed off to turn the tricks and get their "medicine". But we're receiving reliable reports that at 780 Washington Blvd (an address known to be problematic for drug trafficking in the alley behind the building) that a local black female sex worker is seeing johns in her place.

Latest sighting: light skinned black male in a silver Honda, MD tags 4AT R74.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Don't Think That's Healthcare

The really skinny brunette hooker (who's usually on Bush St since she was nice enough to agree to not hook in front of the school) waved to me from the car as she drove past me tonight. Hilarious.

She was in a red Chevy Cavalier late model with MD Registered Nurse tags (R over an N) 0338. Her "date" was driving around, probably looking for her medicine.

The driver was a white male in his 60s, but that's probably his wife's car. Unfortunate. He keeps carrying on with her, and they'll both need some healthcare.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nice To Know...

...I'm getting under your skin, Jodie. The more you bitch, the more I'm going to keep exposing what a cancer you are on the neighborhood, and keep reminding you how much the good mothers in this area are tired of seeing your junkie arse skulking around looking like a zombie.

Yesterday 8/14/10, she actually had the nerve to have her john wait for her on Bayard St. while she had another woman take her kid down the street while she scored her dope. The poor lad gets dragged away from the person he thinks is his mom (though using that word in reference to Jodie is a stretch) while Jodie finds her "medicine", and then hops in the van with the very nervous looking older gentleman as they ride off for a date; Jodie was mumbling all the while some sort of under her breath complaint about that guy "who puts her on the Internet every time I turn a trick". Like that's going to make me quit detailing her efforts to keep shitting up our neighborhood.

Hint to the dweeb who picked her up: if you keep checking your mirrors nervously and watching to see if she's coming back and who she's coming back with like a paranoid geezer scared by all the black people around...it's A) pretty obvious you're not relative or a friend, and B) probably a sign you need to find a healthier way to get off. Get yourself some KY and a subscription to a porn site and stay the fuck away from here, dirtbag. And Jodie probably wonders why Child Protective Services is investigating her.

Late model Chevy conversion van, black. Around 545pm. MD tags 22786M1. Sarge, do your worst, and remind the guy just how unwelcome he is.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Couple More

On August 10th around 845pm. Lincoln Navigator, MD Tags 0397 with the little "A" over another "A". Picking up HIV positive/Kaposi's Sarcoma victim Stephanie. Gross. Might want to remind him to get checked out when you write him Sarge.

About 15 minutes later we had Melanie getting picked up by a black male in a Chevy pickup with MD tags 90T 926.

Some People Just Don't Get It

Our friend in the H3 Hummer that we busted last fall when we were doing the john stings? Whose Hummer you see in the upper left hand quadrant of the four johns' vehicles halfway through this video?

He's back tonight (8/13/10 around 9-11pm). He was about to pick up Jodie when he saw me; but then he had the nerve to keep cruising over and over and over for an hour or two making a spectacle of himself.

White Hummer H3, white male, mid 30s. MD tags 789M568. Sarge, do your thing, and ask him to please not come back. We didn't miss him.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Group Fighting Prostitution in Their Area

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like what you're doing and I am also doing the same with a group in the Eagle/ Payson/ Wilkens area. I am working with a group and we have a Sargent K that we are working with. Is there a way to get hold of you? If you're willing make a post and I'll get you an email addy. Thanks

Monday, August 2, 2010

DC to Balto

This looked as much like a drug hookup as it did a "date", but in either case facilitating the problem is facilitating the problem.

Black male in his 30s or so, blue beat-to-hell late 90s Toyota Corolla, DC tags DA 5023. Picking up Janet around 720pm on 8/2/2010 on the 1300blk of Washington Blvd right by PS 34.

Janet is a sad case; a few years ago, even by civilian non-hooker standards, Janet was a pretty girl. She just couldn't get off the horse. For a couple years she was gone...and now she's back, and looking like she'd be a lot better off if she wasn't. If you want to get clean and stay clean, you have to really want it and not hang around these parts. Baltimore's a city with a lot of promise, but no place to be if you've got a CDS problem.

Pat, Jodie, Danielle, and the other brunette whose picture has been up on USASG a few times were also making appearances, but business looked pretty slow.