Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Group Fighting Prostitution in Their Area

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like what you're doing and I am also doing the same with a group in the Eagle/ Payson/ Wilkens area. I am working with a group and we have a Sargent K that we are working with. Is there a way to get hold of you? If you're willing make a post and I'll get you an email addy. Thanks


  1. the balls on the avalace is a baltimore county
    fado john purky his nane hes works ai sta 16
    send news crews there. anoymous

  2. Thanks - before we pass this on to the Media, can you be more specific on his name? Does he work out of Station 16 (Golden Ring Rd)?

  3. There's no John Purky listed in Casesearch. I'll look for him another way.

  4. There are a couple John Purkey names that come up. Anon, think it's the one in Nottingham?