Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pennsylvania Tag: HGH 8780

White guy (baseball hat and goatee), picked up Fat Donna on the corner of S Carey and Washington Blvd.

October 30th 9:03am.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maryland Tag: 91D 736

White guy(late 40's - 50's), in a dark blue pickup, with silver toolbox, picked up 18 year old Brittany on the 1300 block of Bayard on Saturday night (10/24), at 7:44pm.

Nothing like getting a BJ from a drug-addicted, horribly abused child who's been pimped out by her father. I wonder if the guy who picked her up has daughters? If so, I wonder if he would appreciate a guy like him picking up one of his daughters and having her blow him for $20.00?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

USA Sex Guide

Always good for a laugh.

I love the guy who's taking advantage of sick, desperate, addicted women accusing us of using "dirty tactics". Not sure what's dirty about filming on a public street and handing out fliers...or what reasonable expectation of privacy a guy picking up a street prostitute drug addict in a residential neighborhood has for unfettered access to his sick hobby. But that's good for a laugh.

By the way, that was you in that DC tagged black Dodge Caliber last night, wasn't it? Nothing says "I rented a car so my wife thinks I'm on a business trip and won't get a dear john letter from the BPD...even though BPD can and does just ask the rental car company for the identifying information on the renter so I'm just wasting the $50 a day I spend on the rental instead of just finding a full service escort on Craigslist like a grownup would do" like renting a Dodge Caliber from the local rent-a-klunker.

I'm sure as they fight to stave off financial meltdown and eventual liquidation the executives at the Chrysler organization are glad to know their mini-SUVs are the monger rental of choice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Since well before she was 18, Brittany's father has been pimping her out for crack money. Yup, that's right--Pigtown's father of the year uses his daughter as a street hooker to pay for his own crack habit, and got her hooked so she'd develop the "habit" and be pliant enough to obey his "hey go suck guys off in their cars on Carey Street so we can have some crack honey" demands.

Why is it that stray bullets always hit little girls playing and drunk drivers hit moms on the way home from soccer practice instead of THAT GUY?

MD 8DL V34 -- Dark Grey Scion 5door car.
White Male. 20-30s
Picked up Brittney in front of 1101 S Carey at 12:01am Wed 10/21.

Dear John

Picking up the 45 year old hooker who looks she's 75 and has four teeth isn't good for you. Or her.

MD Tags: 7AR Z95 Toyota Corolla -- Tan/Lite Brown
Old white dude with white hair and glasses.
Picked up Alabama in front of 1104 S Carey around 11:30pm Tues 10/20.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PJW Sting Effort Continues

Last night was great, as we had BPD Patrol with us observing toward the end; they took note of a few repeat offenders who were dumb enough to drive by while we were standing there with them after they cleared a couple corners. We pointed out some regular monger vehicles; expect to feel some extra heat if you're one of those guys who kept looping despite having gotten a flier from our uh...model.

The Indian fellow in the mini SUV with tags that start 122 who was playing with himself for our model's benefit: keep it up. We're dying to see you again. Everybody gets one warning--next time your tag appears here. Might include a picture for your wife's benefit.

The Chevy dually with MD tags 17P 395: you must be out of your mind. Scoping hookers while patrol has the entire street lit up? Did you think they were discussing the Orioles' latest disappointing season with us? Congrats, you made the list of vehicles than can expect to be stopped next time through.

MD tags 25416 b/y: same deal. Seriously, knock it off.

The old Chevy tow truck with MD tags 78V 604: the look on your face last night was priceless when I pointed you out to the patrol guys rather vocally. Not getting the hint, eh?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Suzy Still Prowling

We have it on pretty good insider intel that Suzy (aka Susan Meara Ruff, she's been giving the police her sister's name apparently and so far gotten away with it...Sarge, you might wanna jump on patrol about that) is staying in an abandoned warehouse up on Pratt and Calhoun, and is often seen strolling around Ramsay.

Yesterday I guess she needed some spending cash, because she hopped in a shiny new looking white Corvette ragtop, MD tags 6BX N30, which sped off when the driver realized PJW was approaching.

Dude, I was just trying to hand you our flier! You know, the one warning you that your tag number will appear here. Oh well, you didn't get the warning. Now you know.

Suzy keeps dodging arrest for her myriad outstanding warrants. We should all be so lucky to get that many second chances.

Surprised It Took As Long As It Did

But somebody finally decided to share over at USASG.

It's always fun matching wits with people who watch too many Law and Order reruns.

At what point is providing the police with tag numbers for tersely worded "Dear John" letters illegal?

Probably around the same point that providing them with information on who's dealing drugs, sucking cock for money, and lighting houses on fire is (hint: never).

I know that the street is a public place so he can take the pictures,

I'd say give that man a cigar, but he'd probably stick it Clinton-style in Danielle's rotten cooter and get oral gonasyphaherpelesamydia.

but to involve the police (for this letter home to strike fear, it'd have to be coming from Vice or mention prostitution, no?) seems a bit...libelous?

Another hint: to demonstrate libel, you'd have to demonstrate a statement is made about a PERSON with malicious intent that the speaker KNOWS to be false and says anyway and that it causes some sort of public, irreparable harm. Truth is an absolute defense to slander and libel claims, and statements of opinion and statements made in good faith (ie, we thought it was true at the time) are per se immune to defamation claims. Seeing as we're simply giving tag numbers over to police and not identifying anyone by've got no standing to sue bub. Your tag number isn't a person and has no standing to sue for libel. It can't be defamed or slandered. It's simply a piece of information collected by the police in the routine investigation of a crime. You should speak to a lawyer about this...we sure did!

But by all means, bring it. I'd happily spring for a few hundred bucks for a lawyer to meet you on Calvert Street so you can go on the record and explain to the court that you were picking up known prostitutes like Fat Donna or Jodie or Danielle or Suzy to take them to the orthodontist. My defense would be simple--I'd just have to post a picture of the three or four scum covered jagged, orange teeth they've got left so we could see that's not happening. Seeing as it was your car and not you that was given over to the BPD, I'd love to see you explain to the judge how you have standing to sue. "Your honor, my 1998 Ford Explorer was defamed by PJW's calumny! It's an outrage! The poor vehicle hasn't been the same". Seriously, I'm itching for somebody with the temerity to waste the court's time explaining how giving the BPD a tag number is defamatory.

On the record. In a public forum. Where your information, your address, the nature of your suit, and that it involves a known prostitute will be available for all to see in Maryland Case Search, which we can also share with the news media and our readership here. And your wife, who thought you were making Lowe's or Blockbuster runs all those times you rolled out after dinner.

Please. I'm dying for the opportunity to share your story with the world! It'll be a high old time. A real knee slapper. And great publicity for this site, for USASG, and for the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit.

Or you could just go pick up your snaggle toothed $20 beejays elsewhere.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night's sting netted a LOT fewer customers. Only a couple guys even eyeballed our volunteer, and the only one dumb enough to stop was a crotchety looking dude who took great umbrage at his comeuppance, and let forth a nasty diatribe about how he'd have us all locked up. Not sure what the charge would be, other than "giving the poor jackass a heart-attack when he realized the girl he thought was a hooker was actually a community minded individual who had no intention of blowing him for $20." Heh. I guess the complaints about the pickings being slim that we're seeing on USA Sex Guide are legit; there weren't any other girls working, and the john traffic had tapered off considerably.

For those thinking john traffic is now big deal...our unofficial count showed that traffic down the 1300 Block of Ward was about 60-70% less than it usually is at that hour. Yup, our girls were generating that much traffic, and as a result that many johns were there subsidizing the drug trade and often soliciting women who aren't prostitutes.

I guess the message is getting out. We're not joking--pick your heroin whores somewhere else, guys.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You know who you are.

Last night PJW conducted a "sting" operation. It was a resounding success; a female volunteer stood on a corner frequented by hookers and johns near the 1300 Blk of Ward St and the Church and the School on that block. When prospective johns looped by and attempted to pick her up, they instead received a flier that informed them that johns' tag numbers were being given to the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit for "Dear John" letters (and further action if necessary), and that said tag numbers would appear here.

We collected about 10 tags and gave out as many fliers to johns who made their intentions obvious. For now, we're going to be nice and withhold them, but you all know who you are. If you're spotted here again, the tags go up and BPD's Sargent K. does his thing.

A couple hours standing on the corner: FREE
25 copies at Kinko's: $2.50

The look on a john's face when he realizes that the young lady who he ogled a few times and looped past a few times before approaching for "services" was actually a community activist who was being escorted by a guy with a camera phone who was recording pics and tags and that if he doesn't find another neighborhood to pick up drug addicted women for cheap sexual indiscretions while his wife thinks he's at Home Depot he's gonna end up here and getting nastygrams from BPD...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PJW In The Spotlight

Once in a while the media gets something halfway right.

Click here for Fox45 video from last night.

They forgot to make mention of, but other than that not a bad spin. For those USASG types who were sure we were going away, probably a bit disappointing. I think it's pretty clear we're not going anywhere, and that the prevailing culture is experiencing a shift.

Should permanently shut up the assholes who say "geeee why don't they target the drug dealers instead?" We do, and we also target the people who supply the money that ends up in the drug dealers' pockets--attacking both sides of the problem.

Female friends tell me the number of guys accidentally soliciting them has gone down drastically in the last couple days thanks to Danielle lighting a house on fire. Make that three houses.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Quiet Sunday

It's been very quiet today since Danielle (allegedly) burned down a crackhouse* on the 1300 block of Washington Blvd.

All of the usual suspects (Danielle, Alabama, Melanie, Donna, Bird, et al), have gone into hiding to escape the street justice about to be meted out by the family members of the elderly woman burned out of the house next door. And you thought prostitution was a victimless crime.

Today, there were lots of circling, bewildered Johns looking for hookers.

One guy did happen to find a tranny looking girl/guy working the park side of Bayard and Washington Blvd.

Sunday at 7:25pm
Maryland Tag: 4FE 618

* Will post more on the crackhouse fire later.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Saturday

Saturday, October 3rd 6:51pm

Older white guy in a dark blue Acura picked up a busted, blonde junkie on the corner of Bayard and Washington.

Maryland Tag: KGP 375

Saturday October 3rd

@ 9:12am White guy picked up Danielle on corner of Bayard and Washington Blvd

Maryland Tag: HXN 752

@ 3:32pm Older white guy in puke green car picked up Granny at corner of S. Carey and Washington Blvd

Maryland Tag:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Oct 2nd

@ 5:30pm

Trashy white guy with goatee, driving a gold Ford Explorer picked up Jodie on the corner of Bayard and Washington Blvd.

Maryland Tag: M005081