Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Since well before she was 18, Brittany's father has been pimping her out for crack money. Yup, that's right--Pigtown's father of the year uses his daughter as a street hooker to pay for his own crack habit, and got her hooked so she'd develop the "habit" and be pliant enough to obey his "hey go suck guys off in their cars on Carey Street so we can have some crack honey" demands.

Why is it that stray bullets always hit little girls playing and drunk drivers hit moms on the way home from soccer practice instead of THAT GUY?

MD 8DL V34 -- Dark Grey Scion 5door car.
White Male. 20-30s
Picked up Brittney in front of 1101 S Carey at 12:01am Wed 10/21.

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