Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PJW Sting Effort Continues

Last night was great, as we had BPD Patrol with us observing toward the end; they took note of a few repeat offenders who were dumb enough to drive by while we were standing there with them after they cleared a couple corners. We pointed out some regular monger vehicles; expect to feel some extra heat if you're one of those guys who kept looping despite having gotten a flier from our uh...model.

The Indian fellow in the mini SUV with tags that start 122 who was playing with himself for our model's benefit: keep it up. We're dying to see you again. Everybody gets one warning--next time your tag appears here. Might include a picture for your wife's benefit.

The Chevy dually with MD tags 17P 395: you must be out of your mind. Scoping hookers while patrol has the entire street lit up? Did you think they were discussing the Orioles' latest disappointing season with us? Congrats, you made the list of vehicles than can expect to be stopped next time through.

MD tags 25416 b/y: same deal. Seriously, knock it off.

The old Chevy tow truck with MD tags 78V 604: the look on your face last night was priceless when I pointed you out to the patrol guys rather vocally. Not getting the hint, eh?

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  1. As a one time resident of the Baltimore area I happened across this site by accident. Since then I have checked back in frequently and would like to say thank you for having the integrity and guts to do something about the problem and be a part of the solution. Prostitution is not just a problem in Baltimore (as you already know) but a major issue in many cities across the country. I hope other people take note of this blog and are empowered to help clean up other cities.