Monday, February 15, 2010

More Prostitution Arrests

Several more prostitution-related arrests have been made around the WW Loop. According to our LE source, one guy was charged with Indecent Exposure rather than prostitution because of a technicality.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Perverted Practice Arrest

Hell...I don't have to practice. I'm damn good at it.

Prostitution Arrest

Like the Post Office

crack whores deliver even in the worst conditions.

White guy picked up Jodie on the corner of Ward St/S Carey at 7:04pm on 02.05. Jodie being the classy lady she is, was seen lighting up her crack pipe while driving by. It's pretty bad when a toothless crack whore has to get high before she blows you.


Sgt. K, please make sure the Dear John letter goes to Mrs. Registered Owner.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Manning Up

We received an email from a guy who says his days of looping through neighborhoods and picking up diseased and drug-addicted women are behind him.

We appreciate that this guy manned up and reached out to us. After a few email exchanges, he gave us permission to post this with the hope that other guys will get the message that, this "hobby" puts a lot of people at risk.

"Let me start out by saying that this is not my email, I made it just for this single reason, and to maintain some anonymity. (if that's possible these days) I will continue to Monitor it however for your reply.
Let me begin
I have been a member of a certain site that has recieved alot of attention lately for a while. I have traveled the country and seen lots of girls, yes even in Baltimore. I learned of this site through the site in question. I have avidly kept track of PJW's community takeback. I thought I was invinsible at one time since I have been around the block so to say. I never was a everyday partaker of goods, but would ocasionally sample. I never thought about the girls, my family, or myself for that matter. For me it was just easy, it seemed like it worked out for me and the people I met. I got what I wanted, and they got what they wanted. I never thought I would be caught, heck I didn't even think PJW would have any luck with such an inbedded problem. I say problem because it has been until recently I had no idea of the shame and hurt that can ensue. I have read your site and read reports on (that other site) and began to see the story behind the facade.
These are real people, who have real problems and real families. I have had my eyes opened. I almost lost the love of my life due to my ignorance, and have since vowed a new path. I slipped up and my other half found out about my occasional habit. Luckily for me she decided to stay and work things out with counciling. Since then I have been very reluctant to send you this email for fear of you turning against me. I have been lucky, I've never been caught, never fined, no diseases. I even have been able to keep my life somewhat in one piece, so why take the chance of creating more issues with this email? I guess I have seen my wrong, lucky for me I have found the right path before it was to late. I will hope when I give permission to share this on PJW it will show others it's not worth it, not just in Baltimore, but anywhere. I know you can post this if you want to, but again I ask in good faith to wait. It took alot of guts for me to do this,
knowing the risk, it is just something that has been eating my insides as if I had to do it to free myself. I just hope it will save others befoe it's to late for them.
On other notes I do see what your doing as positive, I would feel the same way if it were my block. (now that my eyes are open). I am sorry, and am even more sorry for myself and what I have done. I did not see the damage being done before my eyes, I guess now is better than never. I have since resigned my account at said website(it takes 2 years inactivity to happen though according to to webmaster) I also would willing to assist you in anyway with the limited knowledge I have. I do have one item that may be of intrest to you. Since I intend my story to be posted in due time, I will save that info for your reply."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Eh, I shouldn't be so harsh. Don't let the misplaced and incorrectly chosen punctuation, illiterate-sounding syntax and grammar errors, and brain-dead tone of GGW's post fool you:

They dont make any sense. They say, for us to use craigslist instead of looking around ww loop. What is the difference. Doing the same thing. Buying pussy. The girls on craigslist ask for more money for the same thing.

He's asking a serious question. He really wants to know the difference between him picking up drug addicted streethookers who live in abandoned houses and shit in the alleys and backyards of private citizens and suck these guys off in public places and leave needles and used condoms in school playgrounds and parks and are a prime source of the demand for narcotics in South Baltimore and cause innocent, non-hooker women to get solicited by angry, aggressive johns and guys using escorts in the privacy of motel rooms.

Geeze, yeah, what could possibly be the difference?

At least he's admitting what they're really about--paying bottom dollar.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Emails We Get

My good buddy Sgt. K writes:

Just so you know were getting more and more feed back with the [Dear John] letters.
One guy called [to complain about me] because his wife opened it. He didn't deny
the allegations [that he'd been spotted picking up hookers in Pigtown], just that
his wife opened it. I was less than sympathetic. The pressure continues!

Our friend the Horsetrader wrote on USASG that he hadn't gotten a letter yet; must not have been his wife opening the mail that day. Oh well, keep it up bud, as it'll be your turn to be in that database soon enough. Not everyone gets caught every time, but some of us will catch some of the mongers some of the time. Sooner or later, it'll be your turn. Keep tempting fate!

If you can't tell, between the child porn and the recent revelations about some mongers' identities, the heat is getting turned up. Do you guys STILL wanna pretend we're not serious, or going away soon? REALLY?

Please. By all means. Be our guest.

I seriously just don't get it. What's so hard about finding an escort, getting a hotel room of Rt 1 by the hour, and leaving our neighborhood alone? Is being stubborn and "winning" this battle of wills really worth becoming the next Mizzle? BPD is looking to make examples of you. You'd think that'd be reason enough to call off the hunt and take it elsewhere. Are you THAT pathetic that you can't get yours any other way, that the downtrodden, end of their rope type addicts in Pigtown are the only places you can score?