Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Eh, I shouldn't be so harsh. Don't let the misplaced and incorrectly chosen punctuation, illiterate-sounding syntax and grammar errors, and brain-dead tone of GGW's post fool you:

They dont make any sense. They say, for us to use craigslist instead of looking around ww loop. What is the difference. Doing the same thing. Buying pussy. The girls on craigslist ask for more money for the same thing.

He's asking a serious question. He really wants to know the difference between him picking up drug addicted streethookers who live in abandoned houses and shit in the alleys and backyards of private citizens and suck these guys off in public places and leave needles and used condoms in school playgrounds and parks and are a prime source of the demand for narcotics in South Baltimore and cause innocent, non-hooker women to get solicited by angry, aggressive johns and guys using escorts in the privacy of motel rooms.

Geeze, yeah, what could possibly be the difference?

At least he's admitting what they're really about--paying bottom dollar.


  1. i recently confronted one of these lovely ladies although i dont live in pigtown i live in morrell park and we have the same problems here, with the recent blizzard of course the roads are a mess, my son and i were trekking up to the royal farm store on sunday, washington blvd is pretty clear but the sidewalks are snowed in and one has to walk in the street, the ever wonderful ashley (a ussg) favorite was walking on the side of washington blvd going toward pigtown, its dangerous walking especially since the road is clean and traffic is once again heavy ashley was trying to flag down various men as they were driving by a few yelled insults at her like yeah ill give you 50 cents and i want my change back but one man probably one of the mongers decided that she couldnt be passed up he told her to wait a sec while he turned around evidently he was pretty damned frisky because he did a turn and in his rush to pick up ashley he slid out of control almost hitting myself my son and other pedestrians we all hollered at him calling him a perv but he didnt care he was determined to get to his prize who was standing on the side yelling at everyone for calling this old perv names she picked up snow and started tossing it randomly she hit me with a chunk of hard packed snice and i went after her she then started screaming assult, rape someone call 911 meanwhile others had the old man surrounded he then reached down and pulled out a gun of course he was then allowed to proceed to his waiting woman who told me she was more of a woman than i would ever be and she then said she has made more money in a day then i make in a week and she does so many men in a day that her jaws hurt we got the mongers tag number and we had called the police but of course when baltimores finest finally came an hour later everyone had went home and nothing could be done so now we have mongers that pack a gun whats next they shoot us when they try to pick up innocent civilians and we tell them hell no!!!????

  2. If you have this guy's tag number, send it to us at dacman1972@gmail.com and we'll contact BCPD on this.