Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's been quiet lately...

...and since PJW has been letting a few things slide, apparently the johns are starting to think they can go back to business as usual.

Tonight I couldn't help but notice that a white Chevy 1500 pickup, late model, with MD tags 26W-2297 decided to drop Donna the friendly prostitute off on my corner.

Dude: if you're going to do it, at least have the sense to not use the corner of Carroll and Bayard for the drop off. Especially don't do it if I happen to be sitting there in my truck.

Lately Donna, Melanie (who had her crack baby apparently and must have given it up for adoption as she's back out on the street and obviously no longer pregnant), and the she/he tall skinny prostitute have been crashing at 1220 Carroll Street.

Apparently the chap who owned the place had been letting the old hunchbacked "Jodie lookalike" prostitute live there, and he died...and now every hooker in the hood is living there at 1220 and collectively they're making that block miserable. Maybe there's something the city can do...we'll find out.

They're buying their dope from 1353 Carroll a good bit. And 1410 Carroll as well. I sense that BPD is going to be doing some asskickery around here soon.