Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bayard Blowjob

I know it looks like a good place to get a beej in broad daylight, right? I mean...there's only a sign business, 40 houses, a school, and two convenience stores within about 90 feet of where the dumbass in the silver Buick, MD tags GSK-413 was getting blown by Danielle this afternoon.

Danielle, since I know you check in here once in a while, come the fuck on on. You KNOW BETTER.

Knock it off please.

Oh, and Jodie? Go fuck yourself. That's nice you have new teeth. You still drag your five year old son down street while you're trolling for dope like the disgusting human you are. Your friend in the black van (who I see changed his tags) might not be able to be serviced by you, but he's still bringing you here to score your dope and that won't fly.