Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Blackdawn seems to get it, and we're good sports here. If you wanna get off, great. Just don't pick up crackwhores in Pigtown and you'll have no issues with us.

Nothing Beats a BJ...

...when on the way to the job site. Another hooker pickup in front of the elementary school on Washington Blvd, this time a red contractor's style extended cab truck with a silver tool box.

MD Tags 10V 062.

Early birds getting the worm lately.

Long Way To Go...

...to get a crackwhore blowjob. We have a visitor from Virginia.

Picking up a hooker on the infamous Washington/Bayard corner (you know, right in front of Charles Carroll Barrister elementary school and a playground):

Virginia Tags: ZPS 4713
Maroon Jeep Cherokee

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mystery Camera Man

Not sure who this would have been, but apparently somebody got Drobsdaman from USASG on camera trying to pick up girls up in the Tri District area.

Would love to see the video in question and I'm sure Sergeant K. from the Neighborhood Services Unit would find it useful as well. If our mystery camera man reads this site, please comment here and we'll discuss how to exchange contact info or meet up.

Thanks for your efforts.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Late Night Pick Up

Our friend Danielle is having a rough week; she got the crap kicked out of her by one of Peanut's drug dealing cousins over a drug debt (probably the 50 gelcaps of heroin the police seized earlier in the week from a guy going into her house). Her kids were seized by child social services. Then we learned that her man Mike is getting evicted and she'll be homeless. Ahhh the life of a crackwhore. Sign us up!

My guess is that the late model silver Jeep Cherokee that picked up her up last night was there to console her with a crack hit. He's either a john or a crackscore, but in either case he's got no business picking her up on the corner of Carey and Ward at 1130pm.

MD tags: 37133M2

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taxi Cab Confessions

Uh oh...

Apparently this cab driver thought it would be acceptable to pull up Granny hooker and have her give him a hand job in broad daylight right next to a school, a playground, and in plain sight of the citizens enjoying a nice summer afternoon on the 1300 Blk of Ward Street.

911 was called, and Officers responded, and found the john in question being serviced by Granny's loving hands. The subsequent hilarity was captured on film for your enjoyment.

We'll be making calls to the cab company to ask them what their policy is about getting handies on the company clock.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Believe It, Bud

I like this post...a long rambler about the poor girl from A&E's Intervention's mad skills (saw her the other night when I was riding along with Sgt. Mistysyn and helping him track a couple problem drug dealers down...she really is a pretty girl and it's sad to see her back working the streets) and then a gripe that we're back (for those new to the site...I took over after the original BJW domain holder got a job in municipal govt and thus had to give up socio-political blogging as a condition of employment).

Oh well...after a couple month hiatus, yeah, we're back. And not likely to go anywhere for a while. And instead of just a relationship with the SD's Ops Unit and the Major, we're working directly with Vice. If your tag shows up here...YOU WILL GET A NICE NASTYGRAM RE: YOUR MONGERING ACTIVITIES HERE FOR YOUR WIFE TO READ WHILE YOU'RE WORKING AT WALMART OR THE LOCAL JANITORIAL SUPPLIES STORE.

Or you could just go find dopewhores somewhere else. Just a thought. Why not take the path of least resistance?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black Pickup Truck

MD Tags: 12N 488

Picked up a hooker on Carey and the Boulevard, right there in the heart of the WW loop.

High profile area that is being watched, constantly. Start picking the up elsewhere boys, unless you like Dear John letters coming home.

Friday, July 17, 2009

No Wonder Chrysler Went Chap11

Their customers are heroin-whore and crack-whore lovin dweebs.

Chrysler Sebring with MD tags A045685 picked up a newcomer girl around the 1300 Block of Ward last night (hint: if you pick up a girl anywhere near the Carey/Ward/Bayard/Blvd loop...we're probably going to see you do it...your odds are better above the train tracks, but down here you're in my wheelhouse, baby).

Sarge, do your thing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picking A Fight You Can't Win

Oddly enough a couple of the USASG guys seem to think anything they say on a website dedicated to an illegal activity that helps perpetuate urban blight in Baltimore might actually be annoying to us.

One of the perks of the being the good guys: not having to give a shit about what the bad guys have to say. I suppose this is supposed to be intimidating? (Here's a quick hint: if drug dealers and their ilk knowing who I am, where I live, and what I do doesn't bother me...what you guys have to say certainly won't.)

I wonder if the guys whose wives have gotten Sergeant K's "dear john" letters in the mail while they're at work think this is as funny as Baltimore Monger and Green Shadow (you should get that looked at dude) seem to think it is. Probably not...as evidenced by two weeks of this site being back up already having a noticeable downward effect on SW traffic in the Carey St area.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Prostitution Court

Does Baltimore need a hooker and john court? Probably.

I'm still dying for some john to work up the guts to file a civil suit for having his car tagged here; I can see it now. "Your honor, I was picking up the woman with a long history of prostitution and CDS arrests in a known prostitution neighborhood and taking her for a ride because...I wanted her to tell me if my car was making a funny noise. Yeah, that's it--I hear she's a hell of a mechanic and knows how to work a tool."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Donna actually seems like a nice girl; she's no shrinking violet, but she is a family woman with a few kids. She seems to mostly keep to herself and isn't a huge problem compared to most of the junkies in Pigtown, but she is a pretty persistent "date" around here.

I felt bad about posting this one, as the driver is a disabled vet and I certainly don't begrudge the guy for wanting to be serviced...but he should seek out the services of an incall escort and not an at-risk woman like Donna on Pigtown's streets.

Red and Silver Cadillac, MD handicapped veteran tags: 49014


Talked with her a bit last night; I didn't realize that I'd known who she was before she became a junkie hooker. Sad, really. Wouldn't have recognized her from a few years ago when I first met her...she said she's not quite reached bottom yet and just isn't ready to get into rehab.

When the mongers bitch about us not minding our own business, remember this: their business is taking advantage of women who have serious, tragic, terminal drug addiction. They've not even a smidgen of moral standing to gripe about anything anyone else does.

Save The Bay

Nice to see our Pigtown mongering friends are environmentally conscious. A white male in an extended cab pickup with MD's "Chesapeake" tags did a pickup of Erica Lynn Sears this morning on the corner of Bayard and Ward around 530am.

Save the Chesapeake tag: 0448Y, with the C over A.

Maybe they were going to do some oyster and crab population studies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Early bird gets the worm, and I guess Danielle needed some early morning breakfast dope. She was picked up on the corner of Bayard and Ward by a guy in a silver Chevy Avalanche (or similar) with MD Tags 75W 460.

Gotta love a girl who turns tricks when her man isn't looking.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Slow Night

Didn't see many girls working this evening. Even the usual girls like in-call Danielle and Jodie "I'm Really A Nice Girl When I'm Not Assaulting People" Buettner weren't around, nor was Pellet Arm Michelle (recently arrested for agg-assault with a knife) or Fat Pat Guthrie.

Kind of disappointing, really--this site's been back up a week and it seems the message is already getting out. So much for a long list of tag numbers to share with BPD's Neighborhood Services Unit.

Sergeant K from the NSU wanted me to pass along that he's looking forward to writing more Dear John letters and expanding his database. Keep circling, boys!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

FeedJIT Rocks

It's telling me we're getting lots of hits from USASG this evening. Welcome back, fat white dudes in beater vehicles. We love ya! Good to have you...for a bunch of guys who insist what we're up to doesn't matter, you sure do spend a lot of time around here.

That Didn't Take Long

Was wondering how long it would take the fat old guys at USASG to realize we were back in action.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Once again, for the short bus crowd...if what we do is so ineffectual...why do you care? And why did the girls/johns essentially leave Pigtown for parts elsewhere when BJW was in full swing?

The more they protest, the more we know what we're doing is working. As for the idea that we "think" we're changing things, I'll defer to the little old ladies who've lived in Pigtown as long as most of the crusty old johns have been circling in their beater cars, who uniformly welcome our help and loathe what befell Pigtown in the 70s and 80s. They remember a time when Washington Village didn't have hookers and heroin, and they certainly deserve to spend their twilight years without you disgusting old fat guys empowering the addicts stinking up their alleys. (As for minding our own business...this neighborhood is our business. You guys certainly don't want these girls on your corner in Jessup or Ellicott City, and we don't want them here--if you're giving them money, it is indeed our business).

Keep circling guys...Sergeant K. looks forward to sending you those "Dear John" letters.


One of our long-time heroin addict hookers looks like she's about 58...but is probably about 38. I've seen her on a couple of bad heroin trips, writhing around in agony; you can't help but wonder which trip will be her checkout trip. She's got no teeth. She's literally wasting away, and it's very sad to see her sickness play out in public.

None of that stops men from picking her up apparently. Today she was picked up by a guy in a beater silver Tercel. They stopped on Ostend Street where she met up with the knucklehead #1 male in the Yankee hat who's been dealing there for a couple weeks now so she could get her "medicine".

Silver Toyota Tercel
MD Tags: 9CF Z73

I can't imagine why she'd be in his car. What's wrong with you dude?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Maybe the reason the 1300 Block of Ward is popular--Danielle still hasn't been kicked out, despite the wishes of everyone else on that block, including her erstwhile boyfriend.

Danielle is a nasty toothless crackwhore with a bad attitude who consistently services johns inside her man's house. No wonder he keeps locking her out. Too bad he can't seem to shake himself of her. Whenever he's not looking, she's serving up her infected ass to old nasty dudes.

Red truck with MD Tags 07P 278 pulled up and went inside for a "visit". Maybe they're playing cards together for a while or watching Oprah.

1300 Ward

For some reason johns and hookers like using this block, despite the presence of older retired folks, state officials, several of us john watchers, and a SCHOOL YARD.

You'd think they'd have the brains to at least steer clear of this area.

Apparently not.

Picking up a hooker this afternoon, MD Tags: 29606M9, white male in a green van.


She's a big girl, 41, and been working here a while. Casesearch shows a long history of CDS and prostitution arrests. She was quoted in the Investigative Voice as saying "hey, I gotta make a living somehow". Funny, lots of people manage to make a living without sucking strangers off for money on public streets in broad daylight, as she's known to do.

Last night she hopped in a Black Toyota 4Runner that we've seen around here quite a few times. I gather he's a friend or a crack hookup. John or no, he's helping her continue to be an eyesore in our neighborhood and he's gotta go.

MD Tags: 633M580