Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two For One

Suzy and another blonde hooker were hanging in front of Charles Carroll Barrister elementary yesterday around 1pm, and they lined up a Saturday Special: Two For One! They both hopped into a late model Nissan Altima with puke green paint, MD Tags 6CY V09.

Kids were playing on the street nearby. Nice!

Suzy has an open warrant in Baltimore County for VOP. Clock's ticking on this one boys, get it while it's hot.

Shaggin Wagon

MD Tags 563M507, Chevy conversion van picking up Fat Donna on the corner of Ostend and the Blvd, Saturday the 26th at 11am.

She was back on the corner ten minutes later, must have been a quick interaction. In any event she had her crack money and was good to go.

Her boyfriend usually coordinates the crack buys around that corner, and we have it on good authority that Donna has a few kids that do stay with her. Where is child social services in all this?

Friday, September 25, 2009

September 24th 8:00PM

Black guy in Jetta picked up Danielle on corner of Ward and S. Carey.

Maryland Tag: 2AX N66

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not Sure Whether I Should Feel Bad Or Not

Talked to the hooker, who guys by Suzy, that "dates" this guy. Apparently his story is that his wife is ill with cancer and he needs companionship. I won't judge that, if his wife isn't well enough to perform marital duties, well, by all means shop around for "services"...but use Craigslist like a big boy and not heroin addicts in Pigtown.

This was around 6pm last Friday. He just buzzed in, talked to her, and left, so no date on this day in plain sight. But Suzy confirms he dates her regularly and gives her money.

If his wife really is ill, I'm sorry to hear that and I hope the oncologists help her. But that doesn't excuse patronizing women in crisis who perpetuate Baltimore's continued urban blight.

Jeep Liberty, MD Tag 16389M0

Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21st

Had to chase these three away from Bayard/Washington, after they had just settled in for the afternoon rush of old/desperate guys in pickups, conversion vans and Dodge Calibers (the favored rental car of Pigtown Johns):


This is the one who was evicted from 1347 Ward not too long ago. Not sure where she's living, but we do know she's still in the area, working to support her and her boyfriend's heroin habits. She is exceptionally disgusting, as she sees nothing wrong with using the elementary school playground as her personal toilet. We've seen her losing control of basically all bodily functions and then heading right back up to the corner to resume working. I feel so sorry for all the unsuspecting wives/girlfriends/kids/grand kids who are sliding into a passenger seat after she's been in it. Especially after learning that she has a raging staph infection...


Unidentified Skank:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20th 12:08pm

Maroon Ford Pickup picked up a well-known heroin addict who pays for her addiction by "working" the 1300 block of Washington Blvd and the corner of Sergeant St and S Carey: Granny/Alabama, on corner of Bayard and Washington Blvd (next to nail salon).

Maryland Tag: 53W 255

September 20th 9:30am

White guy in silver Corolla picked up one of the regulars on the 1300 block of Washington Blvd.
Maryland Tag: A57 6543

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Zoned For Adult Businesses

September 18th 11:30am...This lovely creature is obviously unaware of Pigtown's zoning laws, because she thought it was ok to open her used vagina shop right next to Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School. Not only did she open her business next to an elementary school, she decided to put her Open For Business sign up during RECESS. That's right, while 6 and 7 year-old children played not 50 ft away, this woman hawked her past-their-prime goods, while a very interested John in a white pickup truck (with ladder), circled twice to check them out.

* Sorry for the blurry pic, but my camera absolutely refused to take an in-focus pic of this woman.

And to the guy who thinks it's ok to circle an elementary school looking for lunch-hour blowjobs, we have your tag, and you are definitely on our radar. It's just a matter of time before you get caught picking someone up.

Again, this would not be tolerated around an elementary school in the suburbs, and it's not going to be tolerated here.


Gotta love people who come here from out of state to score hookers--they sure don't want Danielle and Jody and Scrunchy Face and Fat Michelle and Donna working on the culdesacs of their suburban world, but they seem to have no issue with contributing to the continued destruction of Baltimore.

Weds the 16th.
White guy in black Dodge picked up Scrunchy Face on corner of Bayard/Washington Blvd
PA tag: HDK 8329

1219 Bayard

PJW recently learned that Buck (aka Howard Brown, DOB 12/2/43), the mean old guy who lets the hookers use his house as a shooting gallery and brothel and thus greatly contributes to the denigration of Pigtown as a whole, is a Section 8 renter.

That's right folks--your tax dollars are being used to subsidize the drug trade and prostitution in Pigtown.

Talk about a case needing nuisance abatement.

Sat, Sept 12th.

Around 840pm.

Toyota pickup picking up a hooker on Ward and Carey.

MD Tags 37K 883

Danielle's Sexual Orientation Diatribes

So last Saturday around 3am, Danielle was busy giving a heavy set African American gentleman a blowjob on the 1400 Blk of Ward Street. When a friend of PJW's happened by while walking his dog, he couldn't help but notice the heroin-addled young lady uhm...plying her trade.

When he asked that they find somewhere else to do that sort of thing, like maybe the empty industrial district 6 blocks down Bush Street, she responded with "Fuck you and fuck your faggot ass boyfriend Sebastian and you wannabe poeeeeleeece muthafuckas and I'm gonna start doing blowjobs in front of your house."

And I thought...Danielle uncovered my secret sexual proclivities by blowing somebody to score some heroin? Wow...that's some detective work. Not sure what's funnier, that, or the persistent thing I hear from drug dealers and hookers alike--namely, that because I object to trash in the alleys, drug addicts blowing guys in public, and narcotics trafficking and the concomitant crimes it generates happening in my community...I'm a wannabe? I guess in their twisted little world you're supposed to ignore bullshit that creates urban blight unless you're getting paid by the City to do otherwise. Volunteering isn't exactly something people like Danielle can fathom. Public service and responsibility for your community either, for that matter.

Fat black guy in a minivan, MD Tags 201M309.

Bonus bullshit--said fat guy claimed PJW's friend was "harassing him" and that he was gonna call the police. That's a riot. As though you have the right to get blown in public by a toothless dope addict.

Virginia Is For Lovers!

...or $10.00 blowjob lovers in this guy's case. The tag is Virginia, but I think it's time to get the tag changed to MD, because he's always in this neighborhood, looping through our streets in search of cheap sex from drug-addicted prostitutes.

Here he is at 4:07pm on September 17th, picking up one of the newest working girls to this area. We've seen a lot of new faces and more of the old faces recently due to Peanut's crew selling both heroin and crack on the corner of Bayard and Ward. Also, Buck's house at 1219 Bayard is where the ladies like to kick it when they're not on the clock, and the schoolyard is still proving a good place for these girls to shoot-up, use the bathroom and sleep. a "well oiled" assembly line, as soon as Virginia BJ Lover picked up the working girl on Bayard and Washington Blvd, another girl took her place:

She turned out to be a little camera shy, and decided to move up to the no-mans land at Bush and Washington Blvd.

Anyway...back to Virgina. Not content with just one afternoon BJ, he decided to loop through again at 5:11pm, where I snapped this at the corner of Bayard and Ward. I have to give the guy credit though, If you're going to drive all the way from Virginia to buy blowjobs from drug addicts, you should buy in bulk. Why waste a trip?

Virginia Tag: XSS 6281

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Must be on a safari in their Jeep, probably to Toothless BJ-ville, in Gonorrhealand. You need all sorts of offroad gear for an adventure like that. And a willingness to risk having your tag number up here.

11:07am, 9/8/09
Older white guy picked up white hooker working Washington Blvd/S Carey
Maroon Jeep Cherokee
Maryland Tag: M357809

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, 2pm

MD Tags 10714M6, dark gray Honda Pilot. Picking up a scabby faced blond hooker on the corner of Bayard and Washington.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guess Who Just Finished a Stint in Jail

...and is now seeking employment from guys who don't ask her to check the "have you ever been convicted of a crime" box on the employment application? Heather. Heather lives in Morrell Park, but commutes to Pigtown, where employment opportunities are more fruitful.

On Sunday (September 6th), she hit the pavement early to hand out her updated resume. The first potential-employer, an older white guy in a white Ford F-350, picked her up on the corner of Bayard and Ward St., for a 9:50am interview. Maryland Tag: 3OT 692.

Not sure how the "interview" went, but the guy dropped her off about 15 minutes later, on the corner of Washington Blvd and Bayard, where she waited for her next round of "interviews".

Here she is thinking about how she'll answer those pesky interview questions, such as "where do you think you'll be in 5 years?", "what are your weaknesses?", "what can I get for $20.00?", when another potential employer asks to see her resume. Maryland Tag: 9OOM615...this "interview" began at 10:11am.

In all fairness, when the guy saw that I was there to audit the interview, he promptly put her out on the street. I guess this potential-employer wasn't set up for 1099's.

Here's a list of career and non-career related activities Heather's been involved in over the past few years:

Assault ARRESTED (Nolle Pros'd) 7/19/2000
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 5/6/2005
Prostitution GUILTY 5/6/2005
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 11/29/2005
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 2/15/2006
Incident Exposure GUILTY 11/2/2006
Prostitution GUILTY 3/22/2007
CDS (not marijuana) GUILTY 7/17/2007
Prostitution GUILTY 6/24/2008

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stay Classy, You

White pickup.

White guy picked up Danielle on corner of Bayard and Washington at 2:40pm

School had just let out, and there were still parents picking up their kids while our monger friend picked up Danielle the recently homeless heroin addict.

Maryland tag: O8N 838

You would never see Cockeysville or Severna Park or Annapolis or Hagerstown or Chestertown or Bel Air tolerating Mike and Danielle running the hookershop they're running on the corner right next to a school. Why they hell do we tolerate this in Baltimore?