Friday, September 18, 2009

Virginia Is For Lovers!

...or $10.00 blowjob lovers in this guy's case. The tag is Virginia, but I think it's time to get the tag changed to MD, because he's always in this neighborhood, looping through our streets in search of cheap sex from drug-addicted prostitutes.

Here he is at 4:07pm on September 17th, picking up one of the newest working girls to this area. We've seen a lot of new faces and more of the old faces recently due to Peanut's crew selling both heroin and crack on the corner of Bayard and Ward. Also, Buck's house at 1219 Bayard is where the ladies like to kick it when they're not on the clock, and the schoolyard is still proving a good place for these girls to shoot-up, use the bathroom and sleep. a "well oiled" assembly line, as soon as Virginia BJ Lover picked up the working girl on Bayard and Washington Blvd, another girl took her place:

She turned out to be a little camera shy, and decided to move up to the no-mans land at Bush and Washington Blvd.

Anyway...back to Virgina. Not content with just one afternoon BJ, he decided to loop through again at 5:11pm, where I snapped this at the corner of Bayard and Ward. I have to give the guy credit though, If you're going to drive all the way from Virginia to buy blowjobs from drug addicts, you should buy in bulk. Why waste a trip?

Virginia Tag: XSS 6281

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  1. Mister Sebastian,

    I know who the girl is in the video. I have a question, and your police friend could probably answer it better, how come girls who have outstanding warrants are not arrested, as with this girl?

    Her street name is "Shy".
    Her real name is Susan.
    The police think it is Erin.

    Warrant for prostitution, fail to appear, 4/29/2009

    Warrant for VOP, 7/08/2009

    She was and still can be a sweet girl, but heroin is all she wants. And now she is working for a pimp.