Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21st

Had to chase these three away from Bayard/Washington, after they had just settled in for the afternoon rush of old/desperate guys in pickups, conversion vans and Dodge Calibers (the favored rental car of Pigtown Johns):


This is the one who was evicted from 1347 Ward not too long ago. Not sure where she's living, but we do know she's still in the area, working to support her and her boyfriend's heroin habits. She is exceptionally disgusting, as she sees nothing wrong with using the elementary school playground as her personal toilet. We've seen her losing control of basically all bodily functions and then heading right back up to the corner to resume working. I feel so sorry for all the unsuspecting wives/girlfriends/kids/grand kids who are sliding into a passenger seat after she's been in it. Especially after learning that she has a raging staph infection...


Unidentified Skank:

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