Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two For One

Suzy and another blonde hooker were hanging in front of Charles Carroll Barrister elementary yesterday around 1pm, and they lined up a Saturday Special: Two For One! They both hopped into a late model Nissan Altima with puke green paint, MD Tags 6CY V09.

Kids were playing on the street nearby. Nice!

Suzy has an open warrant in Baltimore County for VOP. Clock's ticking on this one boys, get it while it's hot.


  1. Mr. Sebastian,

    Susan's full name:

    Susan Meara Ruff

    The police have had her in handcuffs a few times, but always cut her loose. The police believe that she is Erin Meara, her sister. She has two outstanding warrants. Also here is some information to stop the clock on this one: she is pregnant and is shooting heroin and smoking rock cocaine. And this is besides the fact that she had gonorrhea recently. Pass it on to your police officer friend so that he may be able to do the right thing.


  2. Hey Joe,
    Don't know who ya are, but your help is greatly appreciated.

    She hasn't been seen recently so maybe they swept her up. But if I see her again I'll definitely pass that along. Thanks!