Friday, September 18, 2009

Danielle's Sexual Orientation Diatribes

So last Saturday around 3am, Danielle was busy giving a heavy set African American gentleman a blowjob on the 1400 Blk of Ward Street. When a friend of PJW's happened by while walking his dog, he couldn't help but notice the heroin-addled young lady uhm...plying her trade.

When he asked that they find somewhere else to do that sort of thing, like maybe the empty industrial district 6 blocks down Bush Street, she responded with "Fuck you and fuck your faggot ass boyfriend Sebastian and you wannabe poeeeeleeece muthafuckas and I'm gonna start doing blowjobs in front of your house."

And I thought...Danielle uncovered my secret sexual proclivities by blowing somebody to score some heroin? Wow...that's some detective work. Not sure what's funnier, that, or the persistent thing I hear from drug dealers and hookers alike--namely, that because I object to trash in the alleys, drug addicts blowing guys in public, and narcotics trafficking and the concomitant crimes it generates happening in my community...I'm a wannabe? I guess in their twisted little world you're supposed to ignore bullshit that creates urban blight unless you're getting paid by the City to do otherwise. Volunteering isn't exactly something people like Danielle can fathom. Public service and responsibility for your community either, for that matter.

Fat black guy in a minivan, MD Tags 201M309.

Bonus bullshit--said fat guy claimed PJW's friend was "harassing him" and that he was gonna call the police. That's a riot. As though you have the right to get blown in public by a toothless dope addict.

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