Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pickup in a Pickup!

Older white male picking up hooker on corner of Ward and Bayard at 9:41am.

Two-toned Ford pickup.
Maryland tag: 34W 661

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gold Chevy

Compact gold Chevy picking up one of our regular hookers, Maryland tag: KSA 618.

She's one of the folks buying regularly from the resurgent drug market on the corner of Bayard and Ward. Peanut and company are doing a brisk business with the streetwalkers around here. Not long before they're facing a big time lockup.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Starts Soon...

...but that doesn't stop johns from picking up girls right in front of a school yard. This is shot along Bayard Street right across the street from Charles Carroll Barrister elementary. The Blue Mazda picked up a hooker around 3pm on Tuesday. MD Chesapeake tags (with the C over the D), O2338.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carroll Park

It really is a lovely park and should be a safe, secure environment for Baltimore kids to have something to do, and not a hovel for junkies and hookers...but too many of the girls use it for a place to pick up johns and shoot up their junk.

Feeding the problem--suburban johns who don't mind enabling these girls here in our neighborhood, but wouldn't want them on their doorstep.

Gold sedan Maryland Tag: 8AB O41, picking up the girl we know as the Jodie lookalike around 730pm just outside Carroll Park's opening.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Supposed To Be A Threat?

If so, bring it on.

You could be smart (as you claim to be) and keep steering clear of the area...or you can keep it up and get yourself into a database maintained by the BPD and have them start sending correspondence home for your wife to enjoy while you're at work (for starters).

Either way is fine with me, but the reality is the Neighborhood Services Unit for the SD is being headed up by a new guy who takes this sort of thing seriously and is very proactive. He was recently profiled in the Baltimore Sun for being courageous and not taking any shit; I can assure you you're picking a fight you can't win.

Carry on.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Likely Story

The guy who drives the babypuke green Ford Expedition with MD Tags A124616 is seen circling the area constantly. I've openly confronted him, and he insists he's just trying to help the girls and he's not engaging the services of the hookers he picks up.

Even if that is true...I've learned from trying to get these girls to give up the dope and straighten out that it's USELESS. Even if you're not getting the blowjob pal (and I suspect you are...let's be real), you're still contributing to the problem by making it easier for these girls to operate and to keep helping the forces that are screwing up our neighborhood.

Late 90s Ford Expedition, MD Tags A124616 picked up a hooker on the corner of Bayard and Washington, right in front of a school--Sarge, let him know we don't need him doing social work in Pigtown, especially since he's not from around here (talked to somebody in patrol once who pulled up his info, his picture was on file and his address was Ellicott City).

Another Regular

Our friend in the extended cab Dodge Ram, MD Tags 18V 658. Picking up a hooker on Carey and Sargent. You can almost set your clock by this guy coming by in the last afternoon to pick up a junkie.

Not Getting The Hint

One of our more notorious regulars is a Chevy Avalanche we've dubbed the Nut Sack Express. Dude, if you're gonna pick up junkie whores, you might want to rent a less conspicuous vehicle or something--because a bright copper colored late model truck with graphics and bling and fake testicles hanging from the trailer hitch really does stand out when you're out scouring the streets for hookers. Add in the fact that you've got firefighter tags, and it's just ridiculous that you're still here picking up girls here. Maybe if Sergeant K calls down to whatever station our firefighting friend works and has a convo with the captain in charge of that unit the hint will get across. In any event, a couple different members of the community association have asked this guy to knock it off to no avail.

The Nut Sack Express: MD Firefighter Tags (with the C over the F), tag number is 0522. Picked up a junkie hooker up on Wilkens.

I'm sure whatever fire department you work for is happy to learn you're helping perpetuate Baltimore's addiction problem by taking advantage of sick, addicted women. This is one I'm tempted to call the media on. We'll let Sarge do his letter thing, and if you're still here a couple weeks from now, we'll let Fox 45 and WMAR do their thing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bye, Danielle

Danielle and her ex-boyfriend-that-she-was-mooching-off were evicted this week from 1347 Ward Street. Funny how that works.

Girls are still spending their blowjob fees on drugs on Ward Street though, they're buying from Peanut and Rashad on the end of the block and lighting up their fixes either in Buck's house (1219 Bayard) or in the school yard.

Bobbie's house (where Rashad lives part time) has already been raided once...and is gonna be again soon if they don't knock it off. I've spoken to some of the girls who've agreed to stay off Ward Street, but a few determined ladies insist on doing business there.

It's just not gonna fly. Johns: there will be lots of LEO action on the 1300 Blk of Ward in coming weeks...just take my word for it :). Act I'd love the opportunity to put pix of you getting a free tour of CBIF up here.

Keystone Johns

Pennsylvania Tags GCL 3089, silver car, picking up a hooker on Washington and Bayard.

What, they don't have hookers up in PA? You have to come help destroy our neighborhood? Please...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Nice try. You're still an idiot. That number hasn't been mine in six months. But I'm sure whoever has it now really appreciates that.

Keep drawing attention to yourselves in that sort of fashion. See how it works out for ya.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Black male in a blue pickup, picking up a new blonde, fat, white hooker who's been hanging around Buck's house at 1219 Bayard.

MD tags: 98P 899

Picking up hookers on the corner of Bayard and the Blvd, where there's a school and kids at play.

Selfish, isn't it?