Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Likely Story

The guy who drives the babypuke green Ford Expedition with MD Tags A124616 is seen circling the area constantly. I've openly confronted him, and he insists he's just trying to help the girls and he's not engaging the services of the hookers he picks up.

Even if that is true...I've learned from trying to get these girls to give up the dope and straighten out that it's USELESS. Even if you're not getting the blowjob pal (and I suspect you are...let's be real), you're still contributing to the problem by making it easier for these girls to operate and to keep helping the forces that are screwing up our neighborhood.

Late 90s Ford Expedition, MD Tags A124616 picked up a hooker on the corner of Bayard and Washington, right in front of a school--Sarge, let him know we don't need him doing social work in Pigtown, especially since he's not from around here (talked to somebody in patrol once who pulled up his info, his picture was on file and his address was Ellicott City).

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