Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not Getting The Hint

One of our more notorious regulars is a Chevy Avalanche we've dubbed the Nut Sack Express. Dude, if you're gonna pick up junkie whores, you might want to rent a less conspicuous vehicle or something--because a bright copper colored late model truck with graphics and bling and fake testicles hanging from the trailer hitch really does stand out when you're out scouring the streets for hookers. Add in the fact that you've got firefighter tags, and it's just ridiculous that you're still here picking up girls here. Maybe if Sergeant K calls down to whatever station our firefighting friend works and has a convo with the captain in charge of that unit the hint will get across. In any event, a couple different members of the community association have asked this guy to knock it off to no avail.

The Nut Sack Express: MD Firefighter Tags (with the C over the F), tag number is 0522. Picked up a junkie hooker up on Wilkens.

I'm sure whatever fire department you work for is happy to learn you're helping perpetuate Baltimore's addiction problem by taking advantage of sick, addicted women. This is one I'm tempted to call the media on. We'll let Sarge do his letter thing, and if you're still here a couple weeks from now, we'll let Fox 45 and WMAR do their thing.

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