Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Starts Soon...

...but that doesn't stop johns from picking up girls right in front of a school yard. This is shot along Bayard Street right across the street from Charles Carroll Barrister elementary. The Blue Mazda picked up a hooker around 3pm on Tuesday. MD Chesapeake tags (with the C over the D), O2338.

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  1. the guys wont stop picking up the junkie skanks, there was a sting in laurel and one of the men was 82 years old guess the viagra kicked in big time. the sad thing is these men are taking god only knows what home to their loved ones.imagine the shock a married woman feels when she is told by her doctor that the itching and burning she is feeling isnt a yeast infection but is in fact an std i know ive been one of those wives of course my husband denied it saying he has never done anything