Sunday, July 5, 2009


One of our long-time heroin addict hookers looks like she's about 58...but is probably about 38. I've seen her on a couple of bad heroin trips, writhing around in agony; you can't help but wonder which trip will be her checkout trip. She's got no teeth. She's literally wasting away, and it's very sad to see her sickness play out in public.

None of that stops men from picking her up apparently. Today she was picked up by a guy in a beater silver Tercel. They stopped on Ostend Street where she met up with the knucklehead #1 male in the Yankee hat who's been dealing there for a couple weeks now so she could get her "medicine".

Silver Toyota Tercel
MD Tags: 9CF Z73

I can't imagine why she'd be in his car. What's wrong with you dude?

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