Sunday, July 5, 2009

That Didn't Take Long

Was wondering how long it would take the fat old guys at USASG to realize we were back in action.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Once again, for the short bus crowd...if what we do is so ineffectual...why do you care? And why did the girls/johns essentially leave Pigtown for parts elsewhere when BJW was in full swing?

The more they protest, the more we know what we're doing is working. As for the idea that we "think" we're changing things, I'll defer to the little old ladies who've lived in Pigtown as long as most of the crusty old johns have been circling in their beater cars, who uniformly welcome our help and loathe what befell Pigtown in the 70s and 80s. They remember a time when Washington Village didn't have hookers and heroin, and they certainly deserve to spend their twilight years without you disgusting old fat guys empowering the addicts stinking up their alleys. (As for minding our own business...this neighborhood is our business. You guys certainly don't want these girls on your corner in Jessup or Ellicott City, and we don't want them here--if you're giving them money, it is indeed our business).

Keep circling guys...Sergeant K. looks forward to sending you those "Dear John" letters.

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