Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Talked with her a bit last night; I didn't realize that I'd known who she was before she became a junkie hooker. Sad, really. Wouldn't have recognized her from a few years ago when I first met her...she said she's not quite reached bottom yet and just isn't ready to get into rehab.

When the mongers bitch about us not minding our own business, remember this: their business is taking advantage of women who have serious, tragic, terminal drug addiction. They've not even a smidgen of moral standing to gripe about anything anyone else does.

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  1. I used to know a couple of pigtown girls I grew up with who became prostitutes .One girls name was Sandy and other girls name was Carla.They both moved to Lansdowne back in 1995,they both used to solicit sex on Washington Blvd and Carey.The sad part about them is they both died of aids.Sandy in 1997 and Carla in 2005.I grew up with both of them.