Monday, July 20, 2009

Believe It, Bud

I like this post...a long rambler about the poor girl from A&E's Intervention's mad skills (saw her the other night when I was riding along with Sgt. Mistysyn and helping him track a couple problem drug dealers down...she really is a pretty girl and it's sad to see her back working the streets) and then a gripe that we're back (for those new to the site...I took over after the original BJW domain holder got a job in municipal govt and thus had to give up socio-political blogging as a condition of employment).

Oh well...after a couple month hiatus, yeah, we're back. And not likely to go anywhere for a while. And instead of just a relationship with the SD's Ops Unit and the Major, we're working directly with Vice. If your tag shows up here...YOU WILL GET A NICE NASTYGRAM RE: YOUR MONGERING ACTIVITIES HERE FOR YOUR WIFE TO READ WHILE YOU'RE WORKING AT WALMART OR THE LOCAL JANITORIAL SUPPLIES STORE.

Or you could just go find dopewhores somewhere else. Just a thought. Why not take the path of least resistance?

1 comment:

  1. UGH! I wanted to take a scalding hot shower after reading that post. These "men" never cease to amaze me. How can one brag about taking advantage of a woman who is clearly in a desperate situation?! My heart breaks for her and for others like her. Men that patronize these women, and then proudly post about their exploits on a website, are not men I want to know, much less have a relationship with. If they really are so proud of what they're doing, why don't they do it in their own neighborhoods so their friends and neighbors can see what studly, manly men they are? Just a thought...

    (BTW, welcome back.)