Monday, February 1, 2010

Emails We Get

My good buddy Sgt. K writes:

Just so you know were getting more and more feed back with the [Dear John] letters.
One guy called [to complain about me] because his wife opened it. He didn't deny
the allegations [that he'd been spotted picking up hookers in Pigtown], just that
his wife opened it. I was less than sympathetic. The pressure continues!

Our friend the Horsetrader wrote on USASG that he hadn't gotten a letter yet; must not have been his wife opening the mail that day. Oh well, keep it up bud, as it'll be your turn to be in that database soon enough. Not everyone gets caught every time, but some of us will catch some of the mongers some of the time. Sooner or later, it'll be your turn. Keep tempting fate!

If you can't tell, between the child porn and the recent revelations about some mongers' identities, the heat is getting turned up. Do you guys STILL wanna pretend we're not serious, or going away soon? REALLY?

Please. By all means. Be our guest.

I seriously just don't get it. What's so hard about finding an escort, getting a hotel room of Rt 1 by the hour, and leaving our neighborhood alone? Is being stubborn and "winning" this battle of wills really worth becoming the next Mizzle? BPD is looking to make examples of you. You'd think that'd be reason enough to call off the hunt and take it elsewhere. Are you THAT pathetic that you can't get yours any other way, that the downtrodden, end of their rope type addicts in Pigtown are the only places you can score?



  1. I think the Mongers should read this since they don't mind preying on children.

  2. Soon to be one of USA!