Friday, February 5, 2010

Like the Post Office

crack whores deliver even in the worst conditions.

White guy picked up Jodie on the corner of Ward St/S Carey at 7:04pm on 02.05. Jodie being the classy lady she is, was seen lighting up her crack pipe while driving by. It's pretty bad when a toothless crack whore has to get high before she blows you.


Sgt. K, please make sure the Dear John letter goes to Mrs. Registered Owner.

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  1. Hi, I have no clue how to contact you guys. I'm new to Pigtown and have been keeping my eyes open, too.
    On January 30, a little before noon at the Hess gas station on 3205 Washington Blvd, I saw a prostitute who looked familiar. I may have even seen her on this site, she was caucasian, very slim, dark hair, waering jeans and a black jacket. She was obviously freezing and seemingly high on drugs while waiting for someone to pick her up. Finally, a car honked and she hopped in and they sped off. The vehicle was a black Chevy Impala MD plates: 3DW W25. Hope this helps! Thanks for getting our streets clean!