Thursday, October 22, 2009

USA Sex Guide

Always good for a laugh.

I love the guy who's taking advantage of sick, desperate, addicted women accusing us of using "dirty tactics". Not sure what's dirty about filming on a public street and handing out fliers...or what reasonable expectation of privacy a guy picking up a street prostitute drug addict in a residential neighborhood has for unfettered access to his sick hobby. But that's good for a laugh.

By the way, that was you in that DC tagged black Dodge Caliber last night, wasn't it? Nothing says "I rented a car so my wife thinks I'm on a business trip and won't get a dear john letter from the BPD...even though BPD can and does just ask the rental car company for the identifying information on the renter so I'm just wasting the $50 a day I spend on the rental instead of just finding a full service escort on Craigslist like a grownup would do" like renting a Dodge Caliber from the local rent-a-klunker.

I'm sure as they fight to stave off financial meltdown and eventual liquidation the executives at the Chrysler organization are glad to know their mini-SUVs are the monger rental of choice.

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