Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night's sting netted a LOT fewer customers. Only a couple guys even eyeballed our volunteer, and the only one dumb enough to stop was a crotchety looking dude who took great umbrage at his comeuppance, and let forth a nasty diatribe about how he'd have us all locked up. Not sure what the charge would be, other than "giving the poor jackass a heart-attack when he realized the girl he thought was a hooker was actually a community minded individual who had no intention of blowing him for $20." Heh. I guess the complaints about the pickings being slim that we're seeing on USA Sex Guide are legit; there weren't any other girls working, and the john traffic had tapered off considerably.

For those thinking john traffic is now big deal...our unofficial count showed that traffic down the 1300 Block of Ward was about 60-70% less than it usually is at that hour. Yup, our girls were generating that much traffic, and as a result that many johns were there subsidizing the drug trade and often soliciting women who aren't prostitutes.

I guess the message is getting out. We're not joking--pick your heroin whores somewhere else, guys.


  1. The below poster here describes picking up a girl name "Rhea." There is a 15 year old runaway whose nickname is this. Description fits her to a T. A 15 yo who is being exploited by a pimp.

    NWIN Monger
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    Sat night pickup
    I was out and about Sat. Night in the Baltimore area and was on the prowl in the Wilkens area checking out some scenery. I had very good luck my first run through. It was about midnight and I say a chubby blonde girl near the corner of Wilkens and Monroe. I got a slight wave to know she was working and I circled the area just to check for any LE activiy. I then came back by her and parked and waited around the corner on a back street from Monroe she came around and jumped in. She saw I was nervous (I don't spend alot of time in Baltimore mongering so it's still fresh and a little scary) and told me she wondered if I was ever going to pick her up since in all I circled twice before stopping. She was a chubby white girl with what looked like a dirty blonde/light brown hair. She said her name was Rhea (sp? )

    We drove to my new fav. Notel down Washington. We agreed on our terms and I opted for just a little check up for my head. I must be getting sick because after my checkup my little head coughed all over her face. Overall only a jackson for a very good checkup.

    I was on my way back down Washington to drop her off at her spot when I started to see a incresed # of LE cars and made a deal to just drop her off at a gas station on Washington in exchange for a meeting with a good friend of mine Mr. Hamilton.

  2. Thanks for the tip MMP! Will be looking for her...

  3. the sad thing is mr sebastian is youre running the skanks out to morrell park i live in morrell park and im sick and tired of seeing these skanks and of men trying to pick me up as im walking back from taking my young son to school or the old fart who pulled in front of me as i crossed the morrell park deli lot on my way to school 220 the old fart who sat with is penis hanging out asking me if id like a date

  4. Sorry mpdms, but your neighborhood isn't going to get any worse because Sebastian's running the Pigtown hookers into Morrell Park. Have you looked around your neighborhood lately?