Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You know who you are.

Last night PJW conducted a "sting" operation. It was a resounding success; a female volunteer stood on a corner frequented by hookers and johns near the 1300 Blk of Ward St and the Church and the School on that block. When prospective johns looped by and attempted to pick her up, they instead received a flier that informed them that johns' tag numbers were being given to the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit for "Dear John" letters (and further action if necessary), and that said tag numbers would appear here.

We collected about 10 tags and gave out as many fliers to johns who made their intentions obvious. For now, we're going to be nice and withhold them, but you all know who you are. If you're spotted here again, the tags go up and BPD's Sargent K. does his thing.

A couple hours standing on the corner: FREE
25 copies at Kinko's: $2.50

The look on a john's face when he realizes that the young lady who he ogled a few times and looped past a few times before approaching for "services" was actually a community activist who was being escorted by a guy with a camera phone who was recording pics and tags and that if he doesn't find another neighborhood to pick up drug addicted women for cheap sexual indiscretions while his wife thinks he's at Home Depot he's gonna end up here and getting nastygrams from BPD...



  1. I'd like to add: it's probably not too smart to loop around our block, several times, in a high-end automobile that has a vanity plate that matches the make of the high-end automobile. I'm just saying...

  2. Hint: it rhymes with "Schmexus" and "Dyslexus".