Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nice To Know...

...I'm getting under your skin, Jodie. The more you bitch, the more I'm going to keep exposing what a cancer you are on the neighborhood, and keep reminding you how much the good mothers in this area are tired of seeing your junkie arse skulking around looking like a zombie.

Yesterday 8/14/10, she actually had the nerve to have her john wait for her on Bayard St. while she had another woman take her kid down the street while she scored her dope. The poor lad gets dragged away from the person he thinks is his mom (though using that word in reference to Jodie is a stretch) while Jodie finds her "medicine", and then hops in the van with the very nervous looking older gentleman as they ride off for a date; Jodie was mumbling all the while some sort of under her breath complaint about that guy "who puts her on the Internet every time I turn a trick". Like that's going to make me quit detailing her efforts to keep shitting up our neighborhood.

Hint to the dweeb who picked her up: if you keep checking your mirrors nervously and watching to see if she's coming back and who she's coming back with like a paranoid geezer scared by all the black people's A) pretty obvious you're not relative or a friend, and B) probably a sign you need to find a healthier way to get off. Get yourself some KY and a subscription to a porn site and stay the fuck away from here, dirtbag. And Jodie probably wonders why Child Protective Services is investigating her.

Late model Chevy conversion van, black. Around 545pm. MD tags 22786M1. Sarge, do your worst, and remind the guy just how unwelcome he is.


  1. i agree jodie does not deserve that lil boy her house is a mess or at least it used to be and she would get high right in front of him. in case you wanna know who this is this is redhead michelle that used to be at bucks house,tammys house,i have cleaned myself up and havent been out there in over a year and counting.just saying thanks for keeping the heat

  2. thanks michelle. glad things have turned around for you, and you no longer have to degrade yourself in order to feed your habit. we wish you nothing but the best in your recovery.

  3. Good for you Michelle. You set a good example--you can get clean if you choose to. Congrats!

    Buck has apparently agreed to quit using his house as a brothel. It's helped a lot.

  4. thanks for the support wish i could return the favor but not sure how much i can do since i live in alabama now but i do pray daily for people on the you know my b/f is the other michele she sometimes cleans her selfup but she just got locked up for prostition again and they let her out on her own recon but she is at 801 and 808 mangold st.with a guy named G and yes he is an addict to and his boss sells crack he does home improvement.he lives on hamburg st.and his name is kevin hope this infor helped you