Monday, August 2, 2010

DC to Balto

This looked as much like a drug hookup as it did a "date", but in either case facilitating the problem is facilitating the problem.

Black male in his 30s or so, blue beat-to-hell late 90s Toyota Corolla, DC tags DA 5023. Picking up Janet around 720pm on 8/2/2010 on the 1300blk of Washington Blvd right by PS 34.

Janet is a sad case; a few years ago, even by civilian non-hooker standards, Janet was a pretty girl. She just couldn't get off the horse. For a couple years she was gone...and now she's back, and looking like she'd be a lot better off if she wasn't. If you want to get clean and stay clean, you have to really want it and not hang around these parts. Baltimore's a city with a lot of promise, but no place to be if you've got a CDS problem.

Pat, Jodie, Danielle, and the other brunette whose picture has been up on USASG a few times were also making appearances, but business looked pretty slow.


  1. janet was pregnant what happened to the baby maybe thats why she hasnt been around in awhile

  2. She definitely looks like she put on a bunch of weight. Too sad.