Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take Out, Or Eat In

Most of the girls working the corners in Pigtown hop in johns' cars and speed off to turn the tricks and get their "medicine". But we're receiving reliable reports that at 780 Washington Blvd (an address known to be problematic for drug trafficking in the alley behind the building) that a local black female sex worker is seeing johns in her place.

Latest sighting: light skinned black male in a silver Honda, MD tags 4AT R74.

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  1. Just a FYI -- the drug traffic isn't in the alley -- the "customers" use the alley to get to the back entrance to the courtyard. But most of the drug dealing is done on the premises of 780 Washington Boulevard, not outside the property. Isn't there some kind of law that says the state can seize property that's being used as a drug distro center? As far as I'm concerned, the owner deserves it -- she KNOWS what's going on, and since most of her tenants are section-8, she doesn't care.