Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Brit Sighting: MD Tags 693 258

This fellow had the misfortune of dropping off Britney/Brittany (sp?) in front of the Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School right as I rounded the corner. Just missed getting a shot of her getting out of the car, but I did get a nice one of him stuck at the light. Lots of tint, but when he circled past me in the other direction while he looped for his next "date", I saw that he was a white male in his late 40s early 50s with salt and pepper hair, and facial hair.

In other words, almost old enough to be the girl's grandfather. Nice scoop, Woody Allen. Nothing like getting your jollies from a girl being pressed into prostitution by her drug addict father (who apparently is selling drugs out of 1246 Sargent, not just using them). Sarge K, maybe you might include mention of that in the Dear John letter you send home--our friend from the 'burbs isn't participating in a "victimless crime" here.

October 30th, around 1500hrs.


  1. This douchebag is a regular. I see him at least 2 times a week looping through Pigtown.

    Btw - Brittany just got popped dirty, last night, so all you grandpas out there with fetishes for young girls, who have raging drug addictions, will have to wait until she makes her way through Central Booking and is back on the street. Hopefully, she'll get sentenced to rehab and avoid you pieces of shit for a while.

  2. Update: Britt apparently is going to be forced into rehab. Hopefully her father gets his rehab via somebody hitting him with a 2x4.

  3. PJW:

    Someone posted a link to your blog on our chatroll a week or so ago and we THINK IT'S EFFING GREAT!!!

    Down here on the Eastern Shore the crack ho's don;t bother to dress up and look like welfare mom's in sweats.

    It's good to know there are people in Pigtown who are working to take back their streets.

    Keep up the good work and keep those pictures & comments flowing in...