Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hint: You're Not Really All That Bright

The USASG pukes never cease to amuse. Guys, if I had anything to hide, I never would have used my name in conjunction with this site. Posting my address(es) and making disparaging comments about me from the rather cowardly place that is hiding behind a keyboard is supposed to make me leave you alone? It'd be fun to laugh at the stupidity if it weren't so flippin sad to see people with all the advantages Western Civilization has to offer still manage to be that idiotic.


If anything, it makes me feel even less sorry about pissing in your punchbowl.

One of the perks of being one of the good guys--not having to worry about anything you guys might have to say. As though the opinions of cowards who hide behind anonymous screen names and who abuse drug addicted diseased street whores in Baltimore would have any bearing on any of us. And if you think we're at all concerned about using tools available to us to track you down, by all means bring it. I'd love to see you explain that one to the judge. Probably would be as much the riot that your defamation suit would be.

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