Friday, December 4, 2009

Bring It!

Lots of tough sounding talk about fighting back by mongering even more over on USASG. Hilarious! Bring it on boys, there are a couple new tricks up our sleeves I think you'll find entertaining. We're looking forward to stopping by your trailer park with cameras and media in tow; our buddy Stephen Janis would love to take pictures of your house, get your wives' opinions, post them on Investigative Voice, and talk about your activities on the Ed Norris Show. Last I talked to him before Turkey Day, he was salivating at the opportunity. This just gets better.

Oddly enough, when they're not posting anonymously and are actually in the real world instead of hiding behind the keyboard, they don't seem nearly as eager to say much of anything. Nobody drives faster in Pigtown than a would be monger who spots a video camera or private citizen writing down tag numbers. Lots of bravado, not much action boys. If you wanna come walk the walk instead of talking the illiterate talk that seems to flood USASG like open sores on a Ramsay Street hooker...come on down. We'll have the cameras rolling.

This ought to be good. :) If you think talking about my personal life is entertaining, I can't wait til we start talking about yours.


  1. Finding out where you douchebags live, is now just a few keystrokes, please, come monger away.

  2. I hope they realize that sleeping with minors will get them on the sex offenders registry.