Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Map To The Pigtown Stars

Below is what the mongers call the WW Loop. If you drive this route, you'll see the same white guys doing lap-after-lap in their pickup trucks, vans and Dodge Calibers (rental). Occasionally, you'll see the guy with the "My kid is an honor...blah blah" on his Honda Element, the Prius with the Ivy League college stickers, and my favorite: the guys sporting the Emerald Society and FOP license plates. I urge our readers to get out on the loop with some friends and check it out. Saturdays are good, rush-hour is always busy, as is any time between 8pm and midnight.

Seriously, let these guys know you're out there. Honk and wave if you want. They really like it when you fall in behind them and follow them. It's more fun than a $10.00 BJ from a toothless, drug-addicted and diseased hooker.


  1. Hi,

    I'm really not sure how this site works. I'm really just trying to get in touch. Obviously I'm using an alias. I don't particularly want the johns who read your blog to know who I am. I have lived in Pigtown for 17 years. I'm quiet, keep to myself and don't bother anyone. I have recently had to put up with these gross guys "cruising" (for want of a better word) while I wait for the bus opposite the former Sav-A-Lot and at the corner of Scott and Wash Blvd. The johns don't usually come down this end of Wash Blvd I don't think. I don't remember ever being followed before now or at least I wasn't aware of it. It's really unnerving because you don't know if this guy is a serial killer hunting his prey or what. Being a female who is by herself it can be pretty scary. I'm not sure how involved I want to get but I'd at least like to get a few of those flyers you use in your stings to hand out the next time one of these guys approaches me. I don't have a cell phone but I plan to get one because I don't feel safe anymore. I will also use it to take photos of these guys. Until then I guess I should just carry a pad and paper and write down tag numbers? Anyway if you could contact me I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Feel free to contact via email:

    dacman1972@gmail.com and we can discuss how to best help you out.