Saturday, December 5, 2009

This Is Too Precious

This guy attempts to explain the gentlemanly pursuit of female companionship from a monger's point of view. His words are precious, but completely belie the reality of what these scumbags are all about. They think it's ok to hunt for drug-addicted, strung-out, HIV and HEP B/C positive women in an area that's "ground zero" for prostitution. He wants us to move out so they can continue to hunt with impunity.

This area may not be Roland Park, but it is not some fictional uninhabited Hamsterdam, where anything goes. There are a lot of good people in this area who were born here. They either don’t want to (or can’t) leave, and don’t deserve to be victimized by scumbag, old white men looping through their neighborhood with hard-ons, looking to buy cheap blowjobs because no one else will touch them.

My neighbor goes to work at 4:30am and works 10 hour shifts as a garbage collector. His wife spends 3 hours on a bus every day – this in addition to the 8 hours she spends working as a medical assistant. They have very little money, but are trying to make their home a little haven in the middle of a very ugly place. They do not deserve to come home to a prostitute taking a shit (or servicing a john) in their backyard. They also don’t deserve to be awakened in the middle of the night by prostitutes fighting over drugs, money, etc, or a prostitute lying across their stoop, with her pants down, screaming "Help Me!" while digging at her VD infested crotch.

This scumbag states that mongers come in all shapes and sizes. This is true to a point, but the majority of mongers in this area are older, white men who think, because this is an economically depressed area (and predominately black), it's ok to take a shit here.

Understand this: We are not going away. We have cameras. We now have a very quick way to find out where you live. We will come to your house - we will visit your ostensibly, upscale neighborhood and interview your neighbors. We'll go house-to-house with pictures.

This is not a threat. It will happen. It only takes a few seconds to write down a tag. Once we have that - you're fucked.

Here's part of the scumbag's post from USASEXGUIDE:

"On the other hand I think you are approaching this topic from a point of view that is too simple. Remember we mongers come in all shapes and sizes, all races and income levels. We could be anyone from Hugh Grant to Jeffrey Dahmer. We have diverse reasons why we practice our hobby. Some are married some are not. Many of us know each other.

The idea that you are going to move into the highest density prostitution zip code in the state of Maryland and push out a culture that has be active for over 60 years is not only naive it is also selfish. This behavior has been with us since the beginning of time. Around the world our hobby is becoming decriminalized.

Also, about the girls. Most of us do not wish them harm. Some of them (probably most of them) have serious dysfunctional habits. But I have also been with some who are very normal, sometimes exceptional from an intellect perspective. I know for a fact that I have paid for sex which has translated into money used on baby formula and rent. Especially as our economic condition hardens more of this will become common place.

This is not a personal attack, but at some point you will realize it makes more sense for you to move to a "non prostitution" zip code (perhaps somewhere like Roland Park) and leave our hunting ground alone. Remember, we were here before you, we will certainly be here after you have long gone."

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  1. "Around the world our hobby is becoming decriminalized."

    In countries with decriminalized prostitution it is still illegal to pick up prostitutes in residential neighborhoods. Those countries have "red light districts" away from residential communities. The women are registered, pay taxes and are tested for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Obviously you'll pay more for sex with a professional than sex with a diseased crack whore but that's legalized prostitution for you.