Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're Back

BJW is now PJW!

The old Baltimore John Watch site had to come down as the domain holder got a job as a cop; even though they blogged anonymously, you obviously can't have a political and social reform blog when you're in law enforcement, anymore than you can don a uniform and go protest down in front of city hall.

Sorry to disappoint the goons over at USASG, but BJW didn't go away because one of them sued us or scared us off. Time for that rumor to be put to bed.

In the interim period, the hookers have naturally crawled back into service in Pigtown, and the drug trade that they empower picked right back up. (Funny how some johns actually would try to argue they weren't complicit in the drug trade.)

That should soon turn right back around. BPD has a new guy heading up vice efforts in Pigtown who really "gets it" and understands that hookers are the engine powering the nonsense that plagues our neighborhood. He's committed to sending a Dear John letter home to every tag number we identify as picking up hookers in our neigborhood. Anyone dumb enough to be a repeat offender will get even more "attention". We hope Sargent K. is going to make good on that offer; I have no doubt that he will.

Be warned--it's time to get your toothless addict blowjobs somewhere else.


  1. Good to see that you didn't get shut down! You're a true public servant.