Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry To See Her Back

One of the things we were most proud of was getting Kitten to decide to get some help. I used to give her food, a couple of dollars here and there, and occasionally some clean clothes or laundry help. I talked her into getting into rehab, and for about 8 months she was gone. She would check in occasionally; she had a job, a place to stay, and was clean.

I guess that lifestyle wasn't for her. She's back, and she's hooking. Sad to see. I'm fairly well convinced at this point that you can't save these women from themselves.

Kitten (aka Phyllis Amonica) was seen getting picked up on the 1300 hundred block of Ward Street (right next to a school and a church) recently.

White Van, white male john MD Tags: 38V 299.

Sorry to see that...but our john buddy certainly isn't helping.

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