Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Mizzle Misery

The illiterate ramblings on USASG are nothing if not edifying (about how poorly considered their every action seems to be) when they get on their moral high horse.

Sayeth the Good Doctor Dunk:
Now on to the PJW I feel that to put someone's info out like that is totally out of line.
Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall DrDipshit having the same objection when my personal information was shared with all 13 people who read the Streetwalker Forums over there on a regular basis (not that I object either--if I was worried about people knowing who I am or what I do or what my stance is re: what ails Baltimore, I wouldn't be using my real name or talking to news cameras, reporters, cops, and other community groups). But the hypocrisy seems pretty galling.

In any event, the Good Doctor misses the larger point--I'm not the one doing anything illegal or contributing to the continued downward spiral of an addicted, abused woman. Any claim on the ethical high ground kinda melts away when you get your jollies by taking advantage of a drug addict in a public place.

Dr. Doofus rambles on:
I know what we do is what you may call morally incorrect
Ya don't say.
but what gives them the right to display someone's court info
The same right everyone has--it's public info because the taxpayers are charging you with a crime. They put it there for a reason. Something to think about the next time you're feeling the urge to get a toothless sore infested addict to blow you: any more potential employers are going to Google you. Imagine how much they'll enjoy reading about you here. It's public information because the public has the right to know what their tax dollars are doing in re: law enforcement, and who the criminals amongst us are.
I personally think that the gentlemen that runs the website has some other motive other than protecting the neighborhood I don't know what it could be.
You're right, we push brooms around on Saturday mornings in the rain and cold and heat and take the chance the community activist takes when he or she sticks up for their neighborhood in Baltimore for some other reason...hmmm...yeah I can't imagine what it could be either.

Anyway, the 29th is my birthday. I can't imagine a better present than talking with the SAO and the judge about the "victimless crime" our buddy Mark committed and how it'd be nice if they'd actually give people a reason to quit feeding the problem.


  1. I am thinking maybe a press release should go out so maybe the media can be there too? Let's make an example out of this incident as much as possible.

  2. BTW, is there a car lover in Bowie who likes to Hyde? Waiting on one more piece to confirm this. Another friend of ours is a mortgage broker, and another has a wife who is now reading the USA sex forum.

  3. Yeah, and Muff Scout (yeah, the clown actually calls himself that), has put a call out to all the other clowns, urging them to wage war on us. I believe the clown posse will be meeting in someone's mother's basement to plan their attack.

    I'm sure the cop who lives on the street will be very interested to hear about their impending invasion. Makes getting tag numbers that much easier.

    Rather than driving by in the middle of the night like little bitches, have the sack to stop and knock on the door. You know where we live.

  4. A meeting? Are you serious?

    Why am I envisioning 9 guys in a circle jerks on metal chairs: one or two drooling, another in a rubber suit, one with his feet clutched tightly around a cat carrier, one clothed in complete black, one chair breaking (supersize me), while a couple of their moms idle outside waiting for the special, special meeting to be over?

    If there was ever a circus to attend, it would be this one!

  5. I'm sure the guy who got to have a "conversation" with our friend the officer can assure them how much fun it is.

    Remember, USASG guys: it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. It certainly won't be over when you're dumb enough to come on down and expose yourselves. Can't wait to show up at somebody else's house...who wants to be the next Mizzle? Step right up!

  6. HAHAHA! Muff Scout! Should change his name to HasToPay4NastyMuffCuzImALoser!

    Seriously Dude. It's not like you're out there paying for Pretty Woman. The Pigtown whores are the most BUSTED and DISGUSTING! And you have to PAY them to touch you!

  7. I vote this Muff's theme song: