Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mizzle on USASEXGUIDE, was just busted having sex with a hooker named Shannon, who he picked up around Wilkins Ave. According to Mizzle, two undercover cops watched him pick up Shannon and then followed him to a public location where he was observed getting his $10.00 toothless BJ. Way to go BCPD!

This class act was given a criminal citation to appear in court for perverted practice. We just made a trip over to this guy's neighborhood, and let's just say he isn't a bachelor (or maybe that was his mother). I wonder if this guy's wife/mother knows? Wonder if his neighbors know? Maybe we'll take another trip out and ask them. It's only fair - you drive through our neighborhood - get BJs on our streets. Now, we'll come to you. Everyone will eventually get a visit. One way or another, we'll find out where you live and come to you.

By the way: we're overdue for our Delmar visit.

UPDATE: Here's the post by Mizzle. Wow. Looks like a $10.00 BJ is going to turn into a $2500.00 BJ.

Originally Posted by Mizzle
I'm hoping everyone will read this and give me some good advice, not flame me. Trust me, I know how I screwed up. I was sloppy and didn't pay attention.
Here's what happened. I picked up a very nice SW Thur night down by the circle. We did the standard check and drove to a nice spot. 30 seconds after the fun began, the spotlights came out of everywhere and we were busted.
I just got out of central booking after 18 hours of complete misery. I've been charged with, "committing a certain unnatural and perverted sexual practice" (it was a bbbj)
I have a court date in two weeks and the charge carries a maximum of 10 years and/or $1000 fine.
As for me, my record is basically clean. I got a PBJ for a DUI four years ago, but completed everything satisfactory.
Has anyone been in this situation? Does anyone have a lawyer to recommend? I can only afford about $500 tops for a lawyer, so I'm sure pickings will be slim. Or am I too worried? Should I go with a public defendor and fall on my sword in court and expect probation? Any feedback at all is appreciated. Please PM if you prefer. And again, please don't flame me, I've been doing it to myself for the last 18 hours.

Thanks for listening

UPDATE: I've decided to remove Mizzle's personal info, as it's not our intent to make this one guy pay for the transgressions of all Pigtown Mongers. We've heard from him, and believe him when he says he will no longer be getting public blowjobs on our streets.

We know where he lives, what he drives and what he looks like - if we see him on our streets again, the info will go back up.


  1. Good work! Here's his myspace page:

    I have print screened all his posts on USA. Any way to find out who the DA is and the judge? They should see these since it clearly shows he has done this many times before.

    Wife though is the first priority. She needs to know asap what a creep he is and take him to the cleaners.

  2. You should definitely write to the judge and SA in charge of this case -- let them know it's time to make an example of this guy and let other johns know they're not welcome in the neighborhood.

  3. I wonder if the Sun would do a followup story on PJW? Make one an example. I bet you'll see a 90% drop in pigtown mongering.

  4. We plan to show up at his hearing to provide victim impact statements. Fortunately, we have screenshots of all his USASG posts to take with us.

    BCPD Southern is targeting the guys who monger the WW Loop, so there should be more arrests forthcoming. We're going to post every prostitution/perverted practice arrest of johns busted in our area.

  5. Print it all out and deliver it to his wife and neighbors. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out where he works and notify them of his arrest. Let's find out everything we can about this guy and spread the good news!