Saturday, January 23, 2010

Muff Scout And The Art of War

I'm no Sun Tzu, but I have read the book, and when Muff Cub Scout called for a war against us "Assholes" in Pigtown, one would assume he'd MAN-UP and devise a tactical plan that would at least make him (and his clown posse), a legitimate adversary.

No....this reprobate decided he would lay siege on Pigtown by sodomizing a sick and addicted prostitute. A woman whose sickness makes her compromise herself by allowing a piece of shit she normally would never allow to touch her, to abuse her. Why? Because this piece of shit managed to steal $10.00 out of his wife's purse, and the prostitute is desperate to get high.

Here's some text from Muff Cub Scout's USASG post. His plan to attack us? To "pick up a Ho to fuck up the ass". What a warrior.

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Let me start by saying I wish Mizz the best of luck, God Bless, there but for the grace of God go I.

Agree with BM and Happy 100%.

Spend the money and get yourself a good lawyer.

We need to declare war on these Pigtown assholes.

Maybe we should have a meeting to plan a strategy of attack.

I'm serious.

Am heading down to Pigtown to pick up a Ho to fuck up the ass.

Will report in the AM.

Safe hunting to all.

Muff Scout
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  1. These men are very delusional. As you said it, they wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole if it were not for the drugs. Hear it again, losers, those girls don't want to be sucking your dick, fucking you, you name it. They do it for the money, and the money alone. Their wives and girlfriends obviously are not touching them either. So what does that make the men, low lives that exploit someone for their own self-centeredness. No different than a drug dealer.

    These men also do not care what age they are either, and very soon, one is going to find himself in a position 900x worse than Mizzle. The post on USA sex forum where someone slept with a minor was print screened, and documented, and viewed by law enforcement way before it was pulled. All the local, state, and federal agencies that deal with child exploitation were given a copy of the post. Maryland does not play around with people who have sex with minors, and that person will find out just how fun it is to make a 14-year-old girl suck a penis. Especially when his name is all over the news like the rest of the losers who exploit minors.

    The girl is no longer on the streets, and I'm sure this experience is going to scar her for the rest of her life. What the idiots over there do not realize is many of these women are not doing this willingly. They are being beat to a pulp by pimps. This young girl did not do this willingly. When she was finally freed from this situation, she had a concussion, and had to have 18 stitches in her face from someone repeatedly kicking her in the head.

    There is another minor around and I am screen printing the posts over there about her and sending them to law enforcement. There's been more than one to write about her. Ain't it going to be grand when they go from the USA sex forum mongers to being on the MD sex offender registry?

    Oh yeah that. Let's start familiarizing the girls around with sex offenders in the area. They aren't supposed to be driving around picking up prostitutes, so I'm sure we can nab a couple more over at USA this way.

    Limit the supply, the demand goes away. There are a couple outreach programs for prostitutes around, often run by ex-prostitutes. They do street outreaches. Let's involve them in this. I'm sure the ex streetwalkers would love to tell these f'ers where to go, and get these addicted women away from exploiters.

  2. lol theyre going to fight back by picking up more disease filled prostitutes

  3. Anonymous I like the way you think...and yes I'd wholeheartedly support getting some outreach groups involved. If you have a recommendation, please have them contact me.